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i <br />RESOLUTION NO. go -11 <br />The County Traffic Engineer <br />The County Community Development Director <br />The City of Vero Beach Planning Director <br />The Indian River County Director of Public <br />Works or his representative <br />The City of Vero Beach Director of Public <br />Works or his representative <br />The City of Sebastian City Engineer <br />The Indian River County School Board <br />Supervisor of Transportation <br />The Indian River Shores Town Engineer <br />A technical representative of the City of <br />Fellsmere <br />2. Purpose -of -Committee <br />The purpose of the Transportation Planning Committee <br />shall be to advise the Board of County Commissioners on all <br />matters relevant to short and long-range transportation <br />planning in Indian River County including coordination of <br />municipal transportation plans with that of the County for <br />better overall movement of traffic throughout the entire <br />county. <br />3. Quorum, Chairman, ------- <br />Meeting-Dates <br />--------------- <br />A quorum for the committee shall be five voting <br />members, and the Chairman of the committee shall be the <br />County Commission member. The committee shall elect a Vice <br />Chairman from among its voting membership. The committee <br />shall meet at the call of the Chairman, but generally on the <br />second Wednesday of each month. <br />4. Repeal -of -Prior -Resolutions <br />— --- -- --------------- <br />Resolutions Nos. 81-81 and 87-46 are hereby repealed. <br />The foregoing resolution was moved for adoption by <br />Commissioner Scurlock ---- and the motion was seconded by <br />Commissioner Bowman ----------, and, upon being put to a <br />vote, the vote was as follows: <br />2 <br />