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1990 <br />CORRECTIVE RESOLUTION NO. 90- 19 <br />Florida, LESS and EXCEPT that part lying within <br />the right-of-way of the Interstate 95 - SR 60 <br />Interchange, the said 35 -foot strip more fully <br />described as follows: <br />Begin at the Northeast corner of the said Tract 7 <br />and run Southerry--Wrong the East line of the said <br />tract, a distance of 1109.59 feet to a point in <br />the North line of a 60 -foot wide service road <br />lying North of and adjacent to the limited -access <br />right-of-way of the Interstate 95 - SR 60 <br />Interchange. Then run <br />Northwesterly along the said right-of-way on an <br />interior angle of 56°45' to the left, a distance <br />of 41.85 feet to a point. Then run <br />Northerly, on a line parallel with and 35 feet <br />measured normal to the first course herein <br />described, a distance of 1086.64 feet more or less <br />to a point in the North line of Tract 7. Then run <br />Easterly along the North line of Tract <br />distance of 35 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING. <br />Lying in Indian River County, Florida. <br />Is hereby forever closed, abandoned, vacated, surrendered, <br />discontinued, remised and released, with the exception that <br />the entire right-of-way width be retained (as described <br />above) for a drainage_ and utilities easement and this <br />easementandreserved in perpetuity unto the bounty and the <br />Public and shall not be deemed to have been closed or <br />abandoned in any way by this resolution. <br />2. Notice of the adoption of this resolution <br />shall be forthwith published once within thirty (30) days <br />from the date of adoption hereof; and <br />3. The Clerk is hereby directed to record this <br />resolution together with the proofs of publication required <br />by Florida Statutes Section 336.10 in the Official Record <br />Books of Indian River County without undue delay. <br />The foregoing corrective resolution was offered by <br />Commissioner Scurlock who moved Its adoption. The <br />motion was secondecT-l5y C1&F rssloner Birdand upon <br />being put to a vote, the vote was as-T57ows`--- <br />Chairman Carolyn K. Eggert Aye <br />Vice Chairman Richard N. Bird -Ay-L- <br />Commissioner Margaret C. Bowman -976- <br />Commissioner <br />yeCommissioner Don C. Scurlock, Jr. Ay_e <br />Commissioner Gary C. Wheeler Ay_e <br />The Chairman thereupon declared the corrective <br />resolution duly passed and adopted this 6th day of <br />February 1990, ---- <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />By ��t --- <br />Carol yn K. -Egger irFiaTrman <br />HE <br />