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'!"ItloFd4eun1e11t Was prepared by <br />►tut1 should be retisrneal to <br />111e`C�31cfty Attorney's ®Thee, V <br />X840 25th St., Vero Beach, <br />Florida 3290 <br />1/31/90(WGCORD2)LEGAL(WGC/nhm) <br />RESOLUTION 90- 31 <br />RECORD VERIFIED <br />JEFFREY K. BARTON <br />CLERK CIRCUIT COURT <br />INDIAN RIVER CO., FLA <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />A COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, VACATING THE PLAT OF SUNSHINE <br />QUALITY HOMES - UNIT 2, <br />WHEREAS, Sunshine Quality Homes - Unit 2 has been <br />platted pursuant to Florida Statute Chapter 177, as laid out <br />and as recorded in Plat Book 5, Page 63, Public Records of <br />Indian River County, Florida; and <br />WHEREAS, the fee simple owners of Sunshine Quality <br />Homes - Unit 2 have applied for vacation of said plat, <br />returning that plat to acreage; and <br />WHEREAS, it has been shown that the vacation will <br />not affect the ownership or right of convenient access of <br />persons owning other parts of the subdivision, and <br />WHEREAS, notice of the intention to apply to the <br />Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County to <br />vacate said plat has been published as a legal notice in a <br />newspaper of general circulation in Indian River County in <br />not less than two weekly issues of said paper, and <br />WHEREAS, proof of said publication of the notice <br />to petition for vacation is attached hereto, and <br />WHEREAS, a certificate from the Tax Collector <br />showing that all state and county taxes have been paid on <br />the property is attached hereto, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of <br />County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, that: <br />1. All the above recitals are true and affirmed. <br />2. Sunshine Quality Homes - Unit 2 according to <br />the plat thereof, recorded in Plat Book 5, Page 63, Public <br />Records of Indian River County, Florida is vacated and <br />returned to acreage with the exception that drainage and <br />utility easements are retained over all rights-of-way shown <br />1 <br />�i � <br />