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RESOLUTION NO. 90- 163 <br />IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA THAT: <br />1. The above recitals are ratified in their entirety. <br />2. The following proposed amendments to the Indian <br />River County Comprehensive Plan are approved for <br />transmittal to the State of Florida Department of <br />Community Affairs for written comment. <br />a. 1. Request to amend the Comprehensive Plan <br />to adopt the remedial actions required by <br />the Indian River County/DCA Compliance <br />Agreements. This request includes <br />amendments to the Future Land Use Map, <br />Future Land Use Element, Housing Element, <br />Conservation Element, Capital <br />Improvements Element, Sanitary Sewer Sub - <br />Element and Potable Water Sub -Element. <br />2. Alternative "1": In addition to the <br />changes requested in l.a. above, a <br />request to amend the Future Land Use Map <br />by adjusting the densities in the south <br />county area along 43rd Avenue, and <br />adjusting the urban service area <br />boundary. <br />b. Request to create a mixed use floating land <br />use designation for properties having an <br />agricultural designation. <br />C. Request to amend the land use map by expanding <br />the boundary of the Urban Service Area west of <br />1-95, east of 104th Avenue and between State <br />Road 60 and 4th Street to be consistent with <br />the Utility Service areas. <br />d. Request to create a new conservation land use <br />(C-3) for privately owned upland and xeric <br />scrub property in the area surrounding the St. <br />Sebastian River and amending the Land Use and <br />Conservation Elements and the land use map. <br />e. Request to amend the Land Use Map of the <br />Comprehensive Plan from C/I, Commercial/ <br />Industrial Node to L-2, Low -Density <br />Residential (up to 6 units/acre) for a 14± <br />acre parcel located south of 77th Street, west <br />of the FEC Railroad R/W. <br />f. Request to amend the Land Use Map of the <br />Comprehensive Plan from L-2, Low -Density <br />Residential (up to 6 units/acre) to C/I, <br />Commercial/ Industrial Node for a ±4.83 acre <br />parcel located on the north side of Oslo Road <br />just west of the 27th Avenue/Oslo Road <br />intersection. <br />g. Request to amend the Land Use Map of the <br />Comprehensive Plan from M-2, Medium Density <br />Residential (up to 10 units/acre) to C/I, <br />Commercial/ Industrial Node for a ± 6.8 acre <br />parcel located on the west side of Indian <br />River Boulevard just north of the 4th Street <br />and U.S. #1 intersection. <br />