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RESOLUTION 86 - 89 ti O�+p1JaS <br /> RESOLUTION AMENDING THE DEVELOPMENT ORDER APPRO ' G',TlR�GRAND <br /> cr+ r.;:-j, . <br /> HARBOR DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL IMPACT. Ci L�rartm•'e , <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions in Chapter 3 c-t•91M, ptl •= <br /> Statutes, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian Rive --.nty <br /> has adopted Resolution 85-128 establishing the Development Order <br /> approving the Grand.Harbor Development of Regional Impact and has <br /> adopted Resolution 86-4 amending the adopted Development Order; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the project developer has requested certain <br /> 4 amendments to the Development Order to allow encroachment of <br /> development areas' within designated "non-exempt" wetland areas in <br /> return for restoration and creation of wetland areas elsewhere on <br /> the project site; and <br /> WHEREAS, the amendment request has been reviewed by the <br /> .Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and the State Department <br /> of Community Affairs and has not been determined to constitute a <br /> substantial deviation under Florida Statutes; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Development Order is being amended in <br /> conjunction with an estuarine plan required by the Development <br /> Order;-and <br /> WHEREAS, the estuarine plan proposes the .excavation .and <br /> utilization of only one marina basin area; and <br /> WHEREAS, references to the excavation and construction of a <br /> second marina basin shall be modified to reflect the use of one <br /> marina basin; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br /> COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that the adopted <br /> Development Order approving the Grand Harbor Development of <br /> Regional Impact as amended, is hereby amended as follows, with <br /> said amendments to be incorporated into, the existing Development <br /> Order: <br /> SECTION 1 <br /> Under "HABITAT, VEGETATION AND WILDLIFE" item S shall be amended <br /> to read as follows: <br /> 8. Prior to County approval of any conceptual PRD plan a plan <br /> detailing the design of the estuarine waterway and basin <br /> system shall be submitted to Indian River County and Treasure <br /> Coast Regional Planning Council for review and approval. The <br /> plan shall be designed to meet the following performance <br /> standards: <br /> a) It shall provide for adequate flushing within the <br /> system; - <br /> b) It shall not include proposed marina Basins $/0NI41 2L' <br /> 3, and 4; <br /> c) It shall be constructed up to a maximum depth of -4 feet <br /> mean low water south of marina Basin 2 1. <br /> d) It may include proposals to excavate or fill any <br /> wetlands designated as exempted wetlands in Exhibit 9 of <br /> this report. Excavation or fill proposals in other <br /> wetlands (non-exempt wetlands) shall be limited to those <br /> which are necessary to provide for the following <br /> management objectives: <br /> CODING: Words in it1101E/W0401 type are deletions from existing <br /> law; words underlined are additions. �? q <br /> OCT 1988 BOOK 66 ME 101 <br />