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2/23/89.1(LEOAL)Reso1(Vk) <br />°9CC yy - <br />Fttk <br />RESOLUTION NO. 89- 2 2 <br />A`'RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, <br />BY.. ITS BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, TO THE <br />GOVERNOR AND THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF <br />FLORIDA, RELATING TO FUNDING PROBLEMS OF THE <br />FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (DOT). <br />WHEREAS, Indian River County has multi-year capital <br />plans for construction of needed roads and roadway <br />improvements; and <br />WHEREAS, the contributions of the state, through <br />the DOT, are vital parts of these plans; and <br />WHEREAS, the DOT has recently indicated that it will <br />no longer be participating in the Local Government <br />Cooperative Assistance Program, under which Indian River <br />County was scheduled to receive approximately $736,000 for <br />the construction of Indian River Boulevard, Phase III; and <br />WHEREAS, the DOT has also indicated that it will be <br />unable to fund its portion of a new bridge to replace the <br />SR 60 Merrill P. Barber Bridge in the city Iimiis of Vero <br />- <br />Beach and to construct what is known locally as the SR 60 <br />Twin Pairs Project between 20th Avenue and Indian River <br />Boulevard; and <br />WHEREAS, the recent plan by the state to balance its <br />budget without the need for increased taxes by reclassifying <br />state roads so that county governments will have to fund <br />Improvements to them instead of the state, without giving <br />the counties the funds to construct these improvements, is <br />placing an enormous burden on the counties which Indian <br />River County finds unacceptable, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF <br />COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that <br />the Board respectfully requests the state to honor its <br />commitments for the projects listed in this resolution, <br />i.e., the Local Government Cooperative Assistance Program, <br />the replacement of the SR 60 Merrill P. Barber Bridge in <br />Vero Beach, and the construction of what is known as the <br />SR 60 Twin Pairs Project in Vero Beach; and further respect- <br />