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r <br />v�'4•.' <br />ht 3 <br />Legal Description of Franchise Area: (Attachment A) <br />$ i,)� <br />-j <br />- <br />` Location Map: (Attachment B) <br />z <br />The applicant shall sumbit a location map showing: <br />#, <br />a) layout of lots <br />a, <br />-b) ;location of all proposed treatment plants <br />c), all rights of ways & easements required for <br />utility purposes <br />d) applicant shall show that he has approval from <br />the owner of all necessary rights of ways or <br />easements owned by other than Indian River County <br />e) show all adjacent land owners numbered on map <br />to correspond with attached list of names and <br />addresses certified by County Property Appraiser's <br />Office (within 300 ft, of franchise area) <br />Certificate of Responsibility: (Attachment C) <br />Applicant shall certify that he has the capability to <br />serve the entire area covered by his request, that the <br />applicant is acting in faith <br />good and has the means <br />to build, install, and/or operate the proposed system. <br />Applicant shall also file certified copies of: <br />a) its corporate charter(if applicable) <br />b) current financial statement <br />C) $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage certificate <br />co -naming Indian River County as an additional <br />insured <br />d) credit bureau credit check <br />e) such other pertinent data as the Board may require <br />#7. <br />Certificate of System Sufficiency: (Attachment D) <br />The Utility Director must be satisfied that the system <br />has sufficient <br />capacity to serve the franchise area. A <br />signed and sealed report shall be submitted by the <br />applicant's engineer(who must be registered in the State <br />of Florida) <br />which has the following type information: <br />(P a) number of units & bedrooms in the service area <br />b) type of units(single-family, multi -family, <br />commercial, townhouse, etc.) <br />C) total daily flow requirements <br />d) method of treatment for water and wastewater <br />and their proposed design capacities <br />e) statement as to treatment quality planned for design <br />f) metering concept <br />g) specifications for hardware components & installation <br />methods <br />h) letter stating fire flow requirements from Fire <br />Department <br />i) intentions for conservation plans <br />j) rate structure including all rates, charges, and <br />justification of same(applicant has option of <br />setting rates at this hearing or at a later hearing <br />held for that specific purpose) <br />�. Applicable rules, regulations & laws: (Attachment E) <br />Applicant shall certify compliance with all conditions <br />contained in Chapter 59-1380, Laws of Florida, Indian <br />River County Resolutions & Ordinances, St. John's Water <br />Management District, Florida Department of Environmental <br />Regulation & all applicable state or federal rules, <br />regulations or laws. <br />'Not applicable to transfer of ownership application. <br />-2- <br />