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7/17/89(Agree)LEGAL (Vk) <br />A G R E. E M E N T <br />BETWEEN <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />AND <br />THE CITY OF VERO BEACH <br />SETTING SERVICE .AREAS FOR WATER AND <br />SEWER SERVICE; MEMORIALIZING CERTAIN <br />WATER AND SEWER ALLOCATIONS; AND <br />REPEALING PRIOR AGREEMENTS. <br />THIS AGREEMENT, made this day of <br />1889, by and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political <br />subdivision of the State of Florida (County), and the CITY <br />OF VERO BEACH, a municipal corporation organized under the <br />laws of the State of Florida (City); <br />W I T N E S S E T H <br />WHEREAS, the City has for many years been 'a <br />provider of water and sewer services for the municipality <br />and certain other areas adjoining the municipality; and <br />WHEREAS, in recent years the County has <br />established its own water and sewer department and is <br />presently undertaking a major development program for <br />providing water and sewer services to the urbanizing areas <br />of the unincorporat-ed part of the county and to parts of <br />other municipalities in the county; and <br />WHEREAS, the development of the County system is <br />at the point at which it is necessary and desirable for the <br />County and City to establish permanent boundaries for their <br />respective service territories for both water and sewer <br />service; and <br />WHEREAS, these boundaries should be drawn so that <br />the service can be ,provided efficiently taking into account, <br />where appropriate, municipal boundaries, existing utility <br />facilities, available plant capacities, and expected <br />population growth; and <br />WHEREAS, many agreements exist between the City <br />and the County which are no, longer useful and which should <br />be superseded; <br />1 <br />�9--1(0(,;, <br />q -19-Z9 <br />