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THE TREASURE COAST FIRE DEPARTMENTS <br />INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br />TO PROVIDE MUTUAL AID FOR <br />FIRE PROTECTION AND EMERGENCY RESCUE SERVICES <br />THIS INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT, made this day of <br />tall) , 1995, by and between Indian River County Department of <br />Emergency Services District, City of Indian River Shores, Martin County, City of <br />Stuart, Okeechobee County, City of Okeechobeeā€ž all political sub -divisions of the <br />State of Florida; and St Lucie County -Fort Pierce Fire District, a special taxing <br />district (collectively referred to as "parties"). <br />WITNESSETH THAT: <br />WHEREAS, the respective parties hereto each has certain emergency <br />services equipment and personnel; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 163.01, Florida Statutes, provides that local government <br />units may cooperate by agreement to provide necessary and essential public <br />services; and <br />WHEREAS, each of the parties hereto recognizes the possibility that, in <br />emergencies, said emergency services equipment and personnel, as is individually <br />maintained by each of the, may not be adequate to afford full and complete <br />protection to and in the area of operation of each party, the inhabitants thereof, and <br />their respective properties therein; and <br />WHEREAS, it is mutually desired by the parties hereto that in the event of <br />such emergencies as aforesaid, the firefighting equipment, rescue equipment and <br />personnel of each of them should be made available to the other; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual promisesand <br />covenants herein expressed, the respective parties hereto agree as follows: <br />1. In the event any party hereto requires additional firefighting, rescue, <br />or emergency assistance and protection, above and beyond that which <br />said party can furnish in its own behalf from its own resources, and <br />as determined by the Chief or other officer in charge of said party,then <br />and in the event upon the call of said Chief or other officer in charge <br />to the Chief or other office in charge of the party hereto, said other <br />parties shall respond by sending emergency services personnel and <br />equipment for assistance in emergencies. <br />