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1 <br />1 <br />D <br />7 <br />DNESDAY, OCTOBER 4 th 1933. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian rover County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beach at 9:00 o'clock A.M.wednesday, October 4th 19339 with the <br />following members of the Board present: J.J.P.Hamilton; J. D. Yongue; R. N. Midge; <br />John M. Knight and Edwin ,a& tie lseth. Also present were Miles Wiarren, Clerk and vi lli€m <br />Frick, Sheriff. <br />The following goad Committee report was received, read, approved and filed: <br />ROAD (:O1i6UTTI }h` XWPOR : <br />We,9 the undersigned Committee appointed b <br />g y your Hon, body on the 5th day of <br />September <br />1933' with instructions to <br />view and mark out the best <br />route for a public road, <br />described <br />in the petition as follows, <br />to -wits Beginning at the <br />Dixie Highway state <br />Road leo.. 40 between Sections 22 and 15 Township 32 South mange 39 East, run East between <br />Sections 23 and 14 and Sections 24 and 13 to Indian River, all in Township 32 South <br />Range 39 Easty beg leave to report to your honors as rollowss That we, after first <br />having subscribed to the oath required by law before entering on our duties make this <br />our general report; <br />That we proceeded to the said <br />proposed location <br />of the said <br />public road on the 28th <br />day of September, 19339 and viewed <br />and marked out the <br />following <br />as the best route for <br />said proposed road. (Said road is to be 50 feet wide) s <br />Beginning at the Dixie Highway, State Road No. 4 between Sections 22 and 159 Town- <br />ship 32 South Range 39 East, run East between Sections 23 and 14 and sections 24 and 139 <br />to Indian River, all in Township 32 South Range 39 East. <br />Therefore, having perfo3med the duties required by law under the appointment of <br />your honors, we pray to be discharged. <br />Chas. Ke rs ear <br />Eli C. 'Ualker <br />S. E. clover <br />Road Gommi.ttee <br />The State Board of Administration transmitted a list of proposals to sell certain <br />securities of the County of Indian River and the Board having carefully considered each <br />of said proposals and discussed at length the propositions as submitted. <br />`1.'he following resolution was introduced by Commissioner Knight, who moved its <br />adoption: <br />WiSRSA`S, the Board of administration has submitted certain proposals of persons <br />and firms offering to sell to said Board of Administration, bonds of the County of <br />Indian River, and obligations assumed by this County, under the provisions of House Bill <br />No. 30 of the 1933 session of the Legislature, and <br />WKWHE.AS, after carefully considering all of such proposals, and considering the <br />amount of funds available with the said Board of ,administration, and taking into eon- <br />. � <br />eideration all conditions as now exist, it is deemed advisable to reject all bids, with <br />the exception of the proposal of Pierce tsiese Corporation, Jacksonville, Florida; <br />RERTFORE, BE I`1' RESOLVED.that the Board ®f Administration be requested to purchase <br />from said firm Nine (9) st Lucie ¢county Public Highway bonds, dated Feb 1, 1920, and due <br />$2,000.00 Feb 11 1935; 42,000.00 due Feb 19 1936; §2,000.00 due Feb 19 1937 and 03,000. <br />due Feb 1, 1938y with Feb 1st 1933 and subsequent coupons attached, at a price of 35 flat. <br />Upon being putto a vote the sane was unanimously adopted. <br />The Counaty Attorney was instructed to prepare an application for a loan from the <br />Federal Government in the amount of *70,000.00 to construct a Court House and to properly <br />furnish the same. <br />