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�482 <br />TIMDAY, NO R 7th 1933 <br />The Board of 4ounty Commissioners in and for Indian liver County, Florida,; met at <br />Court House in Vero Meath, at 10:00 o'clock A.M.Tuesday,=November 7th 1933, with the <br />following members of the Board presents J. J'. P.,HamiLton, Chairman; S. D. Yongue; R. E. <br />Mudge; Tohn M. Hnisht and Edwin A Helseth. <br />William Friek, Sheriff. <br />Also present were Miles Warren, Clerk and <br />The minutes of the previous meetins were read and approved. <br />It was ordered that William Yates, Fellsmere, be stricken from the pauper list <br />-payment made on this day. <br />Hon Angus Sumner, State Attorney and Hon C F Raulerson, State Senator, appeared and <br />requested that the County be divided into Districts and some suitable persons recommex <br />to the Governor for appointment as Inspector of Marks and Brands, and the same having <br />been carefully considered, the following resolution was offered by Co mmIssionner Young# <br />who moved that it be adopted, which motion was seconded by 8ommissioner lftdge: <br />01hereas a request has been made that Indian River County be divided into cattle <br />districts for the purpose of having inspectors of marks and brands appointed by the Gov- <br />ernor ofrthe State of Florida* _ <br />1011;, 11:Ft 08 WIT MMVBDg That Indian River County be divided into tbree cattle <br />districts$ and that the first district shall be as follows: Bunning at the point w <br />the towasship line between Townships 31 and 32 intersects with the Atlantic keen, thence <br />run West along said township line to the rare line dividing ranges 38 and 391 thence <br />south on said range line to the county lime of Indian River Gouty, thence east along <br />said county line to the Atlantic Ocean, thence northerly along said Atlantic Ocean to <br />point of beginning; and that the second district shall be as follows: All of Ranges 370 <br />38 and that part of Range 39 north of the township line dividing townships 31 and 38; <br />and that the third district shall be as follows: All of Rimes 35 and 36 is Indian <br />River County,, Florida;" <br />Upon roil call being taken, the said resolution was duly passed, <br />It was ordered that the following persons be recommended to the Governor for <br />meat, under this resolution: Dist #1 A. Fa. Sueverkruebbe; District #2 Gilbert E. <br />and District #3 <br />Mrs Beam Crocker appeared before the Board regarding the amount now being paid her <br />from the Mothers Pension Fund. It was ordered that this allowance be increased from <br />$8.00 to $12.00 per month. <br />W. G. woods, Fellsmere, appeared before the Board respecting a road out of <br />which is a continuation of New York Avenue in said City* It was agreed that work is to <br />done on this road the first opportunity. <br />The following bills of the Tag Assessor for ecmmissions on account of the 1933 tag <br />roll was submitted and duly considered and approved: <br />Number of <br />Toted <br />Less errors <br />Balance <br />4/5 of 1 <br />Balance <br />OPS04 Dish <br />Tax <br />& double <br />at IN <br />Commission, <br />due <br />Assessments <br />due <br />Assessor <br />------------- ------------------------------------ <br />No. 1081920-693 <br />$Is 7".44 <br />----------------------------►----�--..+_-- <br />6,0,976499 <br />$104465 $104065 <br />leo• 7 <br />4# 143,,24 <br />`84 <br />5431400 <br />401 <br />4901 <br />N04 8--9 <br />3,,608«81 <br />721096 <br />8,887.05 <br />43,31 <br />43,631 <br />No; 11 <br />37'8 975.94 <br />7,0 €95:18 <br />€ 00380.675 <br />45541 <br />4580" <br />No* 14 <br />6i=049 <br />1f 246.08 <br />4,98441 <br />74,16 <br />74o76 <br />Noe le <br />at 372, 497 <br />475,99 <br />1J90&96 98 <br />28 56 <br />280; LO <br />Total <br />2820 <br />" « 9 <br />9W_"' <br />4 I ;, <br />w, <br />a <br />1 <br />1 <br />i <br />1 <br />