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BOOK e� PAGE 00 �ACKUP <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA fcont'd.Z <br />PAGES <br />E. Request for Floodplain Cut and Fill Balance Waiver <br />for Lot 10, Block 17, Vero Lake Est., Unit 3 <br />(memorandum dated November 14, 1997) 23-26 <br />F. 66th Ave. Parcel Conveyed by Seminole Ventures <br />to IRC <br />(memorandum dated November 12, 1997) 27-36 <br />G. Tanase Office Building/SP-MA-88-05-33A <br />Contract for Construction of Required Sidewalk <br />Improvements and Cash Deposit and Escrow <br />Agreement <br />(memorandum dated November 13, 1997) 37.44 <br />8. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS and <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />None <br />9:05 A.M. 9. PUBLIC ITEMS <br />A. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />B. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />Fred Mensing Request to Address Commission <br />Regarding a Drainage Problem on Gibson St. <br />(memorandum dated November 18, 1997) 45 <br />C. PUBLIC NOTICE ITEMS <br />1. Public Hearing for December 2, 1997; <br />Request for Board of Consider Filing an <br />Application with US Dept. of Transp., Fed. <br />Transit Adm. for a Sect. 9 Capital and <br />Operations Grant and <br />2. Public Hearing for December 9. 1997; <br />Request for Board to Rezone Approx. <br />4.6 Acres from CL to PD. Subject Pro- <br />perty located on north side of SR60 immed. <br />east of new Citrus Ridge Post Office, and <br />owned by Karl, Keith, and Norman Hedin <br />(memorandum dated November 18, 1997) 46 <br />10. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S MATTERS <br />None <br />11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS <br />A. Community Development <br />None <br />B. Emergency Services <br />None <br />C. General Services <br />None <br />D. Leisure Services <br />None <br />-I <br />