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There being riA further business on motion ma4es, seconded and carried the Board then <br />adjourned. <br />Q <br />ATTEST: s`irman. <br />> s <br />C1e-rk. ° <br />r <br />- - - - - - = - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />. `TUESDIAY FEBRUARY 6 th 1934. w <br />The Board,of4County Commissioners in and for Iridian River County, Florida, met �t <br />the Court House in Fero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock' A.M'uesday, February 6th 19341L' with *the <br />following members of -the Board present: J.J.P:Haikilton, Chairnan; J.D.Yongue; R.E:Nictge; <br />John M. Knight and Edwin A. Heleeth. Also prdsedt *ere Miles mar <br />ren, Clerk and i lliam <br />Frick, 'Sheriff. } <br />9 Y n ♦ ♦ , 4 <br />The Minutes of the previous meeting was read acid approved. r <br />11 V. H. Garnss architect, appeared before the Bosrd and advised of the progresi made <br />on the proposed loan for f ourt House eonstructiod add submitted letters addressed °to <br />Senator Park Trammell and Congressman Mark Wilcox, respecting the same, which were signed <br />4 <br />tl p 4 <br />y the Board and forwarded to the officials to whom `addressed. <br />It was ordered that Mrs Jessie Yates, Fellsniere, be allowed an additional 05.«00 dor <br />month from the pauper fund. 47 <br />It was ordered that Mrs Mary A. Mathis, Vero Benachs RFD #2 be placed on the pauper <br />> • <br />d <br />list to receive the sum of $6.00 per month. <br />. . <br />It was ordered that C. R. Hatch, Sebastian, be placed on the pauper list to receive <br />P O y <br />the sun of $6.00 per month. ` <br />The sum of $1.500.00 having been received from the `State on account of proceeds from <br />State Racing Commission, and taking into consideration the budget as prepared aa°hd the <br />> . a <br />financial condition of the County at this time, it was ordered that same be pla;eedl irri the <br />General Revenue Fund.. <br />The report of the 'state .Auditor on h ! J <br />p the condition of the .School funds and the activzt Lee <br />of the School Board for the, period ending December let 1933 was received, inspeleted, sand <br />ordered filed as a part of the public records of the - County, as provided by law-. <br />The Vero Beach Prese-Journal was designated as the official newspaper in which the <br />delinquent taxes. for ,the year 1933 shall be advertised in the year 1934. <br />�I The following; resolution was unanimously adopted: <br />BE IT RESOLVJ'D, .that all rents due the County from tenants occupying offices in the <br />Court Rouse buildings. shall be payable on the first day of each month in advance for that <br />• n w m 9 <br />month and that no tenant shall be permitted to - occupy arW space in the Court House° bui.ldf g <br />after becoming delinquent for forty days; <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Sheriff of this County ap custodian of the County <br />Court House, is instructed to disposses any tenant in said building, whose rent - has not <br />be paid on or before the 10th of the month,next succeeding the month for which said <br />rent is due and unpaid. • , <br />The following resolution was unanimously adopted: <br />WEZMA39 on all tax redemptionsaid to the Clerk of the Circuit 'Court, t, interest is <br />compiled on the County's portion of said taxes; ands" <br />WMUMSs such interest is usually in small a= and it is virtually impossible -to -mak <br />C i <br />an accurate division of the same among the various funds of the County; therefore,• <br />BE IT RESOLVED# that the Clerk of the Circuit Court be, and he is, instructed to- pla e <br />the Countys' portion of interest on tax redemptions to the credit of the Countys' Board <br />of Public Instruction, general fund. <br />