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d 1´┐ŻACKUP <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (coned.):104 <br />PAGES <br />B. Approval of Warrants <br />(memorandum dated January,.29,1998) 5-15 <br />C. Approval for any Commissioners and <br />Appropriate Staff to Attend FAC Legis- <br />lative Day in Tallahassee, March 25, 1998 16 <br />D. Approval for any Commissioners and <br />Appropriate Staff to Attend NACO Conf. <br />in Washington D.C. Feb. 27 -March 3,1998 17 <br />E. Acceptance of Steven Fuller's Resignation <br />from LAAC and Approve City of Fellsmere <br />Appointment of Robert C. Baker <br />(letter dated January 28, 1998) 18 <br />F. Appointment to Treas. Coast Health Council <br />(memorandum dated February 3, 1998) 19-24 <br />G. Request for Final Plat Approval for Cypress <br />Lakes Phase I Planned Development : <br />(memorandum dated February 3, 1998) 25-37 <br />H. County Consent to Co -Location and License <br />Agreement Between Primeco Personal Communi- <br />cations, Limited Partnership, and Talcom, Inc. <br />(memorandum dated February 2,1998) 38-64 <br />I. Bid Award: IRC Bid #8035 / Demolition of <br />Laurelwood Plant <br />(memorandum dated January 29, 1998) 65-73 <br />J. Bid Award: IRC Bid #8038 / Gifford Park Improve- <br />ments (Pub. Works Dept.) <br />(memorandum dated February 3, 1998) 74-82 <br />K. Fiber Optic Cable Right -of -Way Permit <br />(memorandum dated February 2,1998) 83-88 <br />L. Miscellaneous Budget Amendment 008 <br />(memorandum dated February 3,1998) 89-93 <br />M. Administrative Fees - Budget Amendment 009 <br />(memorandum dated February 3, 1998) 94-95 <br />N. Culvert Replacements in the Lateral "J" and Sub - <br />Lateral "J-5" Canals Under Highland Dr. S.W. <br />Change Order No. 1 <br />(memorandum dated February 1, 1999) 96-99 <br />O. Payments to Vendors of Court Related Costs <br />(memorandum dated January 30,1998) 100 <br />P. Recently Acquired Property - Tax Cancellation <br />(memorandum dated January 28,1998) 101-104 <br />