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11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS (cont'd.): BACKUPS <br />PAGES <br />C. General Services <br />None <br />D. Leisure Services <br />None <br />E. Office of Management and Budget <br />1. 1998/99 Budget Workshop/Hearing Schedule <br />(memorandum dated March 9, 1998) 194 <br />2. Annual Self -Insurance Fund Actuarial Study <br />(memorandum dated March 4, 1998) 195 <br />F. Personnel <br />None <br />G. Public Works <br />1. Wabasso Causeway Park Beautification Project <br />Resolution for Future Maintenance Agreement <br />(memorandum dated March 9, 1998) 196-208 <br />2. CR510 R -O -W Acquisition / CR510 and US 1 <br />Improvements / Parcels 7 & 9, Elson R. Smith, Jr. <br />and Cecil Johnson, Trustees <br />(memorandum dated March 3, 1998) 209-213 <br />H. Utilities <br />1. 9th Crt. Water Line Loop Connection Authori- <br />zation for design, Permitting and Construction <br />(memorandum dated March 6, 1998) 214-229 <br />2. 58th Ave. Water Project, Ph. 3 Glendale School <br />Lift Station Upgrade <br />(memorandum dated March 4, 1998) 230-236 <br />12. COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />None <br />13. COMMISSIONERS ITEMS <br />A. Chairman John W. Tippin <br />B. Vice Chairman Kenneth R. Macht <br />C. Commissioner Fran B. Adams <br />604. `� U" �'ai;c•y <br />