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BACKUP <br />11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS (cont'd): <br />PAGES <br />B. <br />Emergencv Services <br />Final Payment and Release of Retainage to Ericsson. <br />Inc., for the 800 MHz Simulcast Communications <br />System <br />(memorandum dated ) <br />67-69 <br />C. <br />General Services <br />Report on Old Vero Mall <br />(memorandum dated July 22, 1998) <br />70 <br />D. <br />Leisure Services <br />None <br />E. <br />Office of Management and Budget <br />FY 1998/99 Millage Rates and Non Ad-Valorem <br />Assessments <br />(memorandum dated July 22, 1998) <br />71-72 <br />F. <br />Personnel <br />None <br />G. <br />Public Works <br />I.R.C. Beach Preservation Plan - Economic Analysis <br />Professional Service Agreement <br />(memorandum dated July 21, 1998) <br />73-92 <br />H. <br />Utilities <br />None <br />12. COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />None <br />13. COMMISSIONERS ITEMS <br />A. <br />Chairman John W. Tippin <br />B. <br />Vice Chairman Kenneth R. Macht <br />1. Report on Crisis Line 211 System <br />(no backup provided) <br />2. Children Services Network / <br />Committee Member Replacement <br />(memorandum dated July 21, 1998) <br />93-103 <br />C. <br />Commissioner Fran B. Adams <br />Bou <br />106 m r0 <br />