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6 <br />11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS (cont'd.): <br />C. General Services <br />None <br />D. Leisure Services <br />BACKUP <br />PAGES <br />Acquisition of Golf Carts <br />(memorandum dated July 24, 1998) 145-153 <br />E. Office of Management and Budget <br />None <br />F. Personnel <br />None <br />G. Public Works <br />1. Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) with the <br />Florida Dept. of Transp. (FDOT) for: <br />Traffic Signal System Enhancements <br />(memorandum dated August 4, 1998) 154-174 <br />2. 4th Street ImprovementsfUS 1 to Old Dixie <br />Highway Parcel No. 103, Paradise Enterprises <br />of Vero, Inc. (Dan R. Bryant) <br />(memorandum - not dated) 175-178 <br />3. 58th Avenue Improvements <br />(memorandum dated August 12, 1998) 179-181 <br />4. Project Agreement between Indian River County <br />and Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection <br />(memorandum dated July 29, 1998) 182-205 <br />5. First Amendment to the Agreement for Storm - <br />water Management Cost -Sharing Program <br />(Contract No. 97B28 1) <br />(memorandum dated August 10, 1998) 206-207 <br />H. Utilities <br />1. Cherrywood Estates Petition Water Service 59th <br />Ave., South of 33rd St. - Res. I & II <br />(memorandum dated August 7, 1998) 208-223 <br />2. Water Expansion - Dixie Heights, A Portion of <br />Dixie Gardens, and Piney Oak's Subdivision <br />(formerly included in Phase VI Water Expansion) <br />(memorandum dated August 10, 1998) 224-271 <br />12. COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />None <br />13. COMMISSIONERS ITEMS <br />A. Chairman John W. Tipp <br />9 - el; <br />BOOK I U P `E j4J <br />