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r, <br />BOOK 107 FACE 210 <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (coned..): <br />BACKUP <br />PAGES <br />E. <br />Approval of Public Official Bonds - Constance K. <br />Schuster and Burton J. Lee, III, Trustees, Indian <br />River County Hospital District <br />(memorandum dated September 18,1998) <br />18-22 <br />F. <br />Execution of Revised FY 1997-98 Section 5307 <br />(Formerly Section 9) Grant Agreement <br />(memorandum dated September 25,1998) <br />23-29 <br />G. <br />Approval of Participation Agreement with the St. <br />Johns River Water Management District for Cost - <br />Share Purchase of the Carson Platt Estate Property <br />(memorandum dated September 29,1998) <br />30-39 <br />H. <br />Bid Award: IRC #9000 Annual Contract for Road <br />Stabilization Material - (Rd. & Br. Div.) <br />(memorandum dated September 29, 1998) <br />40-46 <br />I. <br />Bid Award: IRC #9002 Annual Contract for Shell <br />Material - (Rd. & Br. Div.) <br />(memorandum dated September 29,1998) <br />47-53 <br />J. <br />Declare Equipment Surplus for Sale or Disposal <br />(memorandum dated September 22,1998) <br />54 <br />K. <br />Bid Award: IRC #19014 Annual Contract for Ready <br />Mix Concrete - Rd. & Br. Div.) <br />(memorandum dated September 22,1998) <br />55-58 <br />L. <br />Contract Renewal for IRC Bid #6010 Utilities <br />Supplies & Materials - (Util. Dept.) <br />(memorandum dated September 23, 1998) <br />59-61 <br />M. <br />Contract Renewal for Uniform Rental Service - <br />Piggyback Palm Beach County 91-059 <br />(memorandum dated September 28, 1998) <br />62-65 <br />N. Grant In Aid Agreement for Court Reporting Services <br />to the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Indian River Co. <br />(memorandum dated September 17,1998) 66-71 <br />O. Work Order No. 1 to Professional Services Agreement <br />for Indian River County Stormwater Improvements - <br />Carter & Associates, Inc. <br />(memorandum dated September 28, 1998) 72-76 <br />P. Maximum Fees for Towing Services <br />(memorandum dated September 21, 1998) 77-80 <br />Q. Recently Acquired Property - Tax Cancellation <br />(memorandum dated September 21, 1998) 81-85 <br />R. Payments to Vendors of Court Related Costs <br />(memorandum dated September 29, 1998) 86 <br />8. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS and <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />None <br />