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BOOK .LO 7 PAGE2.9i <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA BACKUP <br />A. Received & Placed on File in Office of Clerk to PAGES <br />the Board: 1) I.R. Mem. Hosp. Schedule of Meet- <br />ings for October, 1998; 2) Report of Convictions, <br />Sept., 1998 <br />B. Approval of Warrants <br />(memorandum dated October 2, 1998) 4-15 <br />C. Approval of Warrants <br />(memorandum dated October 8, 1998) 16-25 <br />D. Update on Staff -Review Procedures for Murphy <br />Deed Reservation Setback Compliance <br />(memorandum dated October 14, 1998) 26-27 <br />E. Board Approval of Grant Award Agreement and <br />Cost -Share Calculation Statements Relating to <br />Purchase of Six of Nine Parcels in the "Round <br />Island South" LAAC Project <br />(memorandum dated October 13, 1998) 28-59 <br />F. Approval of Amendment to a Lease Agreement with <br />the State for the County to Manage the Irwin Tract as <br />Part of the Jungle Trail Conservation Area <br />(memorandum dated October 12, 1998) 60-93 <br />G. Approval of Renewal of Data Transmission Network <br />Corp. Satellite Network and NEXRAD Subscriber <br />Agreement to Receive Weather Related Information <br />(memorandum dated October 6, 1998) 94-96 <br />H. Retirement of County Utilities Employee Robert F. <br />Nichol 97 <br />I. 1999 Holiday Schedule <br />(memorandum dated October 13, 1998) 98 <br />J. Group Health Plan <br />(memorandum dated October 14, 1998) 99-125 <br />K. <br />Traffic Control Device Ledger <br />(memorandum dated October 5, 1998) <br />126-139 <br />L. <br />Membership Application for American Coastal <br />Coalition <br />(memorandum dated October 5, 1998) <br />140-150 <br />M. <br />Temporary Water Service Agreement - IRC and <br />Christopher P. Schlitt & Charlene W. Schlitt <br />(memorandum dated September 18, 1998) <br />151-155 <br />N. <br />Out of County Travel for Comm. Fran Adams to <br />Beach and Shore Preservation Seminar, 10/21-23,'98 <br />(memorandum dated October 7, 1998) <br />156 <br />O. <br />Out of County Travel for Commissioners to F.A.C. <br />Conference, Nov. 18-20, 1998 <br />(memorandum dated October 7, 1998) <br />157. <br />