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0 0 <br />MINUTES ATTACHED <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />A G E N D A <br />TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8,1998 - 9:00 A.M. <br />County Commission Chamber <br />County Administration Building <br />1840 25th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br />COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />John W. Tippin, Chairman (District 4) <br />Kenneth R Macht, Vice Chairman (District 3) <br />Fran B. Adams (District 1) <br />Caroline D. Ginn (District 5) <br />Ruth Stanbridge (District 2) <br />9:00 am. 1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. <br />5. <br />6. <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />INVOCATION <br />James E. Chandler, County Administrator <br />Charles P. Vitunac, County Attorney <br />Jeffrey K. Barton, Clerk to the Board <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Comm. John W. Tippin <br />ADDITIONS to the AGENDA/EMERGENCY ITEMS <br />13. C.1. Time Extension -Beach Preservation Plan re Financing <br />13.C.2. Report on Tallahassee Trip - LAMAC meeting - Shared Title <br />13.C.3. Concerns about Widening US#1 in Sebastian <br />PROCLAMATION and PRESENTATIONS <br />None <br />APPROVAL OF NHNUTES <br />A. Special Meeting of November 6, 1998 <br />B. Regular Meeting of November 17, 1998 <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA <br />A. Approval of the Overall Economic Development <br />Plan (OEDP) Annual Report (1997-98) <br />(memorandum dated December 2, 1998) <br />B. Lindsey Garden, Ltd,s Request for Final Plat <br />Approval for a Multi -Family Planned Develop- <br />ment to be Known as Lindsey Garden Apts. <br />(memorandum dated December 1, 1998) <br />C. Request to Enter Into a Public Transportation <br />Joint Participation Agreement with the Fla. Dept. <br />of Transportation (FDOT) <br />(memorandum dated December 1, 1998) <br />D. Consideration of Intergovernmental Coordination <br />and Review and Public Transportation Coordina- <br />tion Joint Participation Agreement <br />(memorandum dated December 1, 1998) <br />BACKUP <br />PAGES <br />1-22 <br />23-27 <br />28-48 <br />49-61 <br />UO�i� urti F>,GErI <br />