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There being no further business on motion duly made, seconded and carried, it <br />was ordered the Board stand adjourned until the 21st day of July 1925. <br />ATTEST: <br />Clerk. <br />00000000000000000000 <br />Fort Pierce, Florida Wednesday, July 8,1925 <br />At a joint meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of St Lucie County, Florida, <br />and the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, held in the Co <br />House in Fort Pierce, on this date the following members were present: C F Raulerson, <br />Chairman; W R Hardee and A H Warner, constituting the Board of County Commissioners of <br />S t. Lucie County, and John H Atkin, Chairman; Donald Forbes; G A Braddock; and J W <br />LaBruce, representing the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County. Also <br />present were P. C. Eldred, Clerk by Deputy and Niles Warren, Clerk. <br />It was agreed between the respective Boards of County Commissioners that a settle- <br />ment between the two countieS be made according to a percentage basis based on assesse <br />valuation of the original County of St. Lucie, as follows: <br />Indian River County 43.4% <br />Martin County 3.4% <br />St. Lucie County 53.2% <br />100. <br />It was further agreed that Indian River County assume their porportionate ,amount <br />of indebtedness and also to receive their porportionate amount of all the assets of <br />St Lucie County, and that resolution, duly approved by She respective Boards of County <br />Commissioners would be drawn and submitted. <br />The Chairman of each Board and County Engineer of St Lucie County and Commissioner <br />J W LaBruoe were appointed a committee to figure and ascertain value of all road <br />machinery and other movable equipment and property and report to their respective <br />Boards for approval and ratification. <br />It was ordered that the Clerks of the respective Boards figure out the percentage <br />of funds due Indian River County and submit to attorneys of the respective Boards for t <br />purpose of drafting an agreement as to settlement. <br />There being no further business to come before the joint meeting, it was ordered <br />that same stand adjourned. <br />. <br />Chairman <br />