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u <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />TURDAY, JUNE 9th, 1934. <br />"he Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beach, at 2:00 o'clock P.M. Saturday, June 9th 1934s with the <br />following members of the Hoard present: J.J.P.kiamilton, Chairman; R.E.Nudge and John <br />M. Knight. Absent Edwin A. Helseth. Also present was miles warrens Clerk. <br />RESOLUTION. <br />WHEREAS, .Almighty God in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to take from our midst, <br />our beloved friend and colleague, Honorable J. D. Yongue; and <br />WHEREAS, Mr. Yongue has given faithful service as a member of the Board of County <br />Commissioners .of Indian River County, b'lorida, and was so serving at the time of his <br />death on June 5th, 1934; and <br />WHEREAS, Mr. Yongue was untiring in his efforts in assisting his Community and its <br />citizens, regardless of their station or position in life and as a result, hell the <br />respect and affection of all persons with whom he came in contact; therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County010lorida, <br />that said Board, on behalf of its members and on behalf of the citizens of Indian River <br />County, does deplore the untimely passing of the Honorable J. D. Yongue and does extend <br />to the members of his family, their heartfelt sympathy in their loss; <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Mrs. Janie <br />Yongue, the widow, and a copy be delivered to the Vero Beach Press -Journal and that this <br />resolution be spread upon the minutes of this Board. <br />The following named persons were selected as Inspectors and Clerk of the several <br />voting precincts to hold and conduct the second Democratic Primary election to be held <br />Tuesday, June 26th 1934. <br />PRECINCT No. l ROSELUD. <br />L. Ashburner; Q. 0. Gibson and a. H. Clark, Inspectors; and R. C. Holtzclaw, Clerk. <br />PRECINCT M. 2, SEBASTIAN. <br />S oA.Braswell; Archie tsmith and A.M.Letchworth, Inspectors and P.P.lawson, Clerk. <br />PRECINCT 1b. 31, VIAB-ASSO. <br />T. J. Cail; G. A. Stinson and James J.Gibbs, Inspectors and wm.L.Leisher, Clerk. <br />PRECINCT Boo 4, viINTER BEACH. <br />T.S.Roddenberry; G.A.McJunkin and D. Floyd, Inspectors, and S.R.Hamilton, Clerk. <br />PRECINCT 14o. 52 NOR`1'H VERO BEAUH. <br />A.T.Peterson; C.W.Iamson and sibyl Hearne, Inspectors, and R.R.Redstone, Clerk. <br />PRECINCT No. 61 SOUTH VERO BEACH. <br />L .:A.Mb eller; H.H.Ke llerman and G. C.Bartlett, inspectors, and T .1T.St ewart, Clerk. <br />PRECINCT No. 71 0SI0. <br />Otto C. Hansen; Olaf Helseth and Parry I. Helseth, inspectors and Albert O.Helseth,Clerk. <br />PRECINCT No. 89 FELL MMRE . <br />R -Whipple; D.M.Domini ci and P.H.McEachron,, inspectors, and vJ .S.Co ttingham, Clerk. <br />It was further ordered that as soon as the certificate is received from the :Secretary) <br />of State showing the names of the persons to be voted on in said second Democratic Pri- <br />nary election, the Clerk of this Board is authorized and instructed to prepare the <br />official ballot, and prepare the ballot boxes and deliver the same to the Sheriff for <br />distribution to the several precincts of the County. <br />It was ordered that each inspector and Clerk be paid the sum of $3.00 per day for <br />each of said primary elections. Each person returning a ballot box shall receive X2.00 <br />per clay and mileage, and the Deputy Sheriff at each precinct shall receive the sum -of <br />$2.00 per day, as provided by law. <br />It was ordered that the following named persons be placed on the pauper list to <br />receive the amount indicated until the further orders of this Board. <br />John Grabnegger, 1+'ellsmere...06.00 per month d <br />ti <br />GI <br />T* hl* Riles, Fellsmere... 6.00 per month <br />II J <br />