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Eli U <br />BACKUP <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (cont'd.): PAGES <br />C. Award Bid #2027 Pressure Cleaning the Exterior of <br />Judicial Complex — Gen. Services Dept. <br />(memorandum dated February 10, 2000) 13-17 <br />D. Resignation of Edmund Cannon from Citizens Advisory <br />Committee of Metropolitan Planning Organization <br />(letter dated February 15, 2000) 18 <br />E. Payments to Vendors of Court Related Costs <br />(memorandum dated February 11, 2000) 19-20 <br />F. Recently Acquired Property — Tax Cancellation <br />(memorandum dated January 28, 2000) 21-23 <br />G. Resolution Amending the Public Library Advisory Board <br />(memorandum dated February 16, 2000) 24-25 <br />8. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS and <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />None <br />9. PUBLIC ITEMS <br />A. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />1. Property Exchange Between Indian River County <br />and the Winter Beach Cemetery Association <br />(memorandum dated February 15, 2000) 26-36 <br />2. AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, CODIFYING THE ORDINANCES OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />(memorandum dated February 16, 2000) 37-40 <br />B. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />Request by Francis M. Coffey to Comment on the Proposed <br />Addition to the Main Library <br />(letter dated February 16, 2000) 41-128 <br />