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`.f UESDAY , SEPTEMBER 4th 1934. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian niver County, Ylorida, met at <br />Court House in Vero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, September 4th 19349 with the <br />following members of the Board present: J.J.P.Bamilton, Chairman, p=rank C. Yickers; :d.B. <br />Madge; John M. Knight and Edwin A. rielseth. Also present were wm W. :brick, Sheriff; <br />James `T . Vocelle, attorney for the Board a-nd Miles warren, Clerk. <br />The,minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />Dr. Be Be tnrdee and Commissioner Helseth brought to the attention of- the Board the <br />question of hospitalization of indigent citizens and submitted rates offered by the <br />Indian River Hospital. The rates as outlined were accepted and approved* <br />Check in the stun of §36.25 from indian :fiver growers, .Inc., for sale of road mute <br />was received, and the same ordered placed in the tiond & Bridge I-Ound. <br />Mrs. Jessie Yates, Yellsmere, appeared and requested additional assistance to pur- <br />chase clothes for her children to attend school. No action was taken on this request. <br />The following named persons were ordered placed on the pauper list to receive the <br />amount indicated until the further orders of the Board: <br />R. We Baker, Vero Beach............06.00 per month <br />S. F. Owens, Vero 6.00 " n <br />Sam Redden, ( Col) Fellemere........ 6.00 <br />Dan Boyd. t Co 1) Vero Beach (o s lo) 6.00 <br />Wayman McLougal (Col) Oslo......... 6.00 It <br />Ormond 'Taylor, local agent of the Sinclair Refining Company appeared before the <br />Board and requested his Company be given some of the County business when purchasing gas <br />and oil. 'This requested was taken under consideration. <br />it was ordered that the, County attorney and the Clerk meet with Congress- <br />man Wilcox when he visits this County and discuss the question of the application for <br />Federal Lo -an to construct a Court H-ousee <br />The- following Road petition was received, read and filed, and the following action <br />taken thereon: <br />ROAD P lITION. <br />STATS OF FLORIDA, ) <br />a <br />COUNTY UY INDIAN RIVER) <br />TO THE HONORABLE BOARD OF CUUNIY CONMISSIONEhS OF UAID COUNTY: <br />Ue nt 1 emen: - <br />We , the undersigned, citizens of the Uounty of indian niver, State of Florida, <br />respectfully represent that the necessities of the public require a County road to be <br />laid out as follows, to -wit: <br />Commencing at tv.W.(:)rner of Lot 1, Section 16 of Township 33 S Range 40 <br />East, connecting with the present existing County Road, continuing thence in a southeaster <br />direction at a distance of 300 to 600 feet from high water mark to a point -546 feet west <br />of high water mark on the south township line of Indian niver County, Florida., in Town- <br />ship 33 south, tcange 40 Baste said road right -of -may to be not less than 66 feet, dixty- <br />six feet in width. <br />we therefore petition your honorable body to cause to be laid out and opened a Coun <br />"Road as above described, and we, the owners of tbLe land through which said.Road is sought <br />�to be laid out, in consideration of the sum of Une dollar to us each and severally in <br />j hand paid by the said County of indian niver, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged <br />hereby agree to give the right-of-way through our lands, as shown by the plat accompanyin, <br />this petition, and relinquish all claims for damage by reason thereof. <br />Property owned: <br />vi.T.Bumiston Sec. 1p uange <br />16 & 17 33 40 <br />A.r'.reterson, <br />By myrtle B snglar, 9 33 40 <br />4y <br />