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1 <br />M039ESDAY OCTOBER 17th 1934. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in` and1 for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court. House at 2:00 o'clock P. M. Wednesday, October 17th 1934, with the following <br />members of the Board present: J. J.P. Hamilton, Chairman; Frank C. Vickers; R. E. Mudge; <br />John M. Knight and Edwin A. Helseth. Also present were James T Voeelle, Attorney for <br />the Board; atm. W. Frick, ,Sheriff and Miles 'barren, Clerk. <br />The Chairman announced the muting was called and set for this date for the pur- <br />pose of revising the registration books in conformity with law, and to attend to such <br />other business as may properly come before the Board. <br />In compliance with law the Board proceeded to revise the registration books, and <br />after carefully examining each of the said books erased the names listed below for the <br />reason set opposite each name. It was ordered that said name be published in the Vero <br />Beach Press -Journal as required by law, and that the Board will meet on Tuesday, Oct- <br />ober 30th 1934 at 2:00 o'clock P.M.for the purpose of restoring any name erroneously <br />erased from said registration books. <br />Precinct No. <br />1 Roseland. <br />Behrens, Mary E. <br />Removed <br />_ Clark, Mrs Laura <br />" <br />Cochran, Albert <br />" <br />Fisher, Chas S. <br />" <br />Hanshaw, Mrs Mary <br />" <br />Hanshaw, Lyle <br />" <br />Lederman, Alfreda <br />" <br />Mathews, Emely P. <br />" <br />Preston, J. A. <br />" <br />Thomas, Edward <br />" <br />Thomas Mrs Mae E. <br />" <br />Winney, Ernest L. <br />" <br />Ali nney, Evlyn F. <br />" <br />Walls, J . R. <br />" <br />Yongue, J. D. <br />Deceased <br />Precinct leo. <br />29 Sebastian <br />Arnold, H. B. <br />Removed. <br />Beugnot, Mrs 7I.E. <br />" <br />Edwards, W. C. <br />Deceased <br />Fielde, Roy K. <br />Removed <br />Grants John <br />" <br />Hall , Mxa Alma <br />" <br />Marjan, W. A. <br />De ceased <br />Miller, F. R. <br />Removed <br />Matoon, Andrew <br />" <br />Morris, L. R. <br />" <br />Riley, F. A. <br />" <br />Supple, F. S. <br />" <br />Tinball, H. P. <br />" <br />Pickers, D. A. <br />" <br />Wilkinson, R. C. <br />� <br />Vilkinson, C. B. <br />" <br />Precinct No. 3. Wabasso. <br />Baker, Mrs Grace <br />Deceased <br />Days W. 0. <br />Removed <br />Day, Emma <br />a <br />Davis, W. L. <br />n <br />Davis, Elex <br />" <br />Damerow, Edna <br />" <br />Jenkins, Foy <br />" <br />.Tome s , Claude D. <br />" <br />Kirk, K. R. <br />" <br />Kirk, Marl L. <br />" <br />Law, Chas. <br />" <br />Moister, Bars Hazel M. <br />" <br />Small, C. R. <br />" <br />Small, Mrs C. R. <br />" <br />Sloan' 0. A. <br />" <br />Thompson, J. K. <br />" <br />Thompson, Paul A. <br />" <br />Precinct Ho. 4. Minter Beach <br />Babb, Ben P. <br />Removed <br />Blanton, I. C. <br />" <br />Cox, Lacy D. <br />Dc ceased <br />Dezendorf, , Chas. A. <br />Removed <br />Fox, Mrs R. W. <br />n <br />Glover, G. T. <br />" <br />Goodwin, W. H. <br />" <br />Goodwin, Mrs W.H. <br />" <br />Holmes, Alice <br />" <br />Harri s V C <br />" <br />y Harel 1, M. F. " <br />