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07// ( faoI S <br />S•6• <br />REAL PROPERTY, PERSONAL PROPERTY AND CENTRALLY ASSESSED 2014 TAX ROLL a0 S • 13 7 <br />RECAPITULATION <br />Carole Jean Jordan , Tax Collector of Indian River County, Florida, <br />hereby certify that the within and foregoing is a true list of all; ERRORS, INSOLVENCIES, DOUBLE ASSESSMENTS and DISCOUNTS on the Assess- <br />ment Roll for the year 2014; that all errors and double assessments have been plainly indicated on the Assessment Roll; that the discounts were actually <br />earned for the month as shown; that no exemptions, other than those shown on the Assessment Roll, have been allowed by me except upon a showing <br />of satisfactory proof that each such claim was just and legal; that each item herein marked as insolvent is in fact insolvent and, although diligent search <br />has been made by me I have been unable to find any property upon which levy can be made to enforce the payment of the tax; that I have not collected <br />any of the items shown on this list. <br />I am, therefore, entitled to credit against the 2014 Assessment Roll in the following amounts: <br />Errors, Insolvencies, Double Assessments <br />Discounts <br />Federal Bankruptcies <br />Total <br />$ (129,441.32) <br />$ 8,412,042.61 <br />0.00 <br />Dated this the <br />6th day of July 2015. <br />$ 8,282,601.29 <br />Tax Collec <br />iver County <br />TO COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: <br />READ CAREFULLY THE CERTIFICATE BELOW BEFORE SIGNING. <br />RECAPITULATION <br />WE, the undersigned members of the Board of County Commissioners in and for the County of Indian River <br />Florida, hereby certify that we have carefully examined and compared each item in the within and foregoing list and the Tax Collector has stricken <br />from this list and made a separate list of such items, which in our judgment should be collected by the Tax Collector; that to the best of our <br />knowledge, information and belief such list is now correct, just and legal and Honorable Carole Jean Jordan <br />Tax Collector, is therefore entitled to credit on account of said list for the following amounts: <br />Errors $ (129,441.32) <br />Discounts $ 8,412,042 61 <br />Federal Bankruptcies $ 0.00 <br />Total <br />Dated this the 14th day of July <br />2015. <br />$ 8,282 601 29 <br />Wesley S. Davis, Chairman <br />ATTEST: <br />./ .iii /: <br />Bob Solari, Vice Chairman <br />"i <br />tt� <br />.0NRivvA <br />Josep <br />E. F esc er <br />Tidi.ZGrc <br />Peter D. O'Brya <br />