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FF' - <br />8 <br />M1014Y. 110MAKY 4th 1936. <br />The Delinquent Tax Adjustment Board of Indian Kiger County, Florid,, met at the <br />Court House at <br />3:00 F.M. Tuesday, February 4th 19369 with <br />the rollowing members of <br />the <br />Board present: <br />S .J.P.H:amilton, Chairman; A .E.Mudge; .Frank <br />C. Vickers; E. F. Poole <br />and <br />Edwin A. Holseth. Also present miles warren, Clerk Circuit Court snd ex -officio secre- <br />tary of said Board. absent W. it. Danoan, Tax .assessor. <br />Application was made by the Liquidating Trustees of the Farmers Bank of Vero Beach, <br />for permission to redeem or pay up all delinquent taxes on property now held by said <br />Trustees as assets of said Bank on a basis of 25% of the total tax, without interest penal- <br />ties, and the Board having carefully considered the request, and taking into consideration <br />the fact that quiet a number of citizens of the County will be benefited to the extent <br />of receiving dividends from said 'trustees of said closed bank if assistance is given in <br />the pa3m►►ent of <br />taxes, and <br />on motion made, seconded <br />and <br />carried, <br />it m s ordered that the <br />Clerk Circuit <br />Court accept <br />2b% of the total County <br />tax <br />from said <br />Liquidating Trustees or <br />the Farmers Bank in the redemption of delinquent taxes, or in the purchase of said certi- <br />ficates for the benefit of said Trustees. <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried the Board the <br />ad j ourned. <br />ATTEST: <br />Clerk & Secretary <br />. <br />Chairman <br />Delinquent Tax Adjustment Board. <br />1 <br />I- <br />1, <br />