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1 <br />ri <br />TUESD&j FEBRUARY 4 th 1936 . <br />D regular eebelog <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for indican River County, Floridlismet/at the <br />Court House in Vero .Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, February 4th 1936, with the follow- <br />Ing members of the Board present: J. J. P. Hamilton, Chairman; R. E. Mudge; Frank C .Vi ckers; <br />Edwin 'A. Helseth and R. P. Poole. Also present were Wm. w. Frick, Sheriff, Chas. Mitchell, <br />Attorney and Miles Warren, Clerk. <br />Eli C. Walker appeared before the Board and requested the hoed Superintendent burn off <br />road right-of-way in Drainage District and agreed the Drainage District will donate 0160.00 <br />for this worts, and the work to be done under the supervision of the Fire Control Committee. <br />It was ordered the Hood Superintendent be granted time to do this work, the County dis- <br />claiming any liability in connection therewith. <br />Miss Hester M. Graham, Acting Director Board of social welfare District #10 appeared <br />before the Board and outlined the plans of this Board. <br />It was moved, seconded and carried that the social Welfare Board be requested to make <br />investigations of all mases now cared for by the Board of County Commissioners and report <br />their findings. <br />Mrs. F. B. Kingsbury, Vero Beach, requested a bridgd be constructed across Lateral "A" <br />Canal at the corner of Lateral "A" and the North Relief canal. The Road Superintendent vas <br />requested to investigate this proposal and ascertain the actual need for a. bridge and probable <br />cost of such construction. <br />Mrs. J. K. Conniff, winter Beach, appeared and requested she be given additional aid from <br />the County. After some discussion it was ordered her &.11ovance from the pauper fund be in- <br />creased to $10.00 per month temporarily. <br />Miss Manilla 'Wells, Home Demonstration Agent appeared before the Board abd made a verbal <br />report of her activities and requested an wLpression from the Board as to what charges to make <br />for the use of the canning equipment owned by the County. After some discussion it was <br />ordered that a toll of one-fifth of all vegetables canned be collected to defray the expense <br />of the canning equipment, and further that all canning be done under the supervision of the <br />Home Demonstration Agent. <br />W. H. darns, architect, appeared before the Board will samples of brick for use in the <br />construction of the Court House. <br />Mr. Crawford appeared before the Board regarding the house located at the East end of the <br />Vero Bridge now occupied by Mr. Shrewsbury. The Clerk vas Instructed to write Melvin Hayes, <br />it representative of the State Rood Department and have him meet with the Board on FeVrIunry <br />17th to discuss this situation. <br />In accordance with published notice of receiving proposals to furnish gasoline to the <br />County for the year 1936 the following proposals were received: <br />Texas Corporation <br />American Oil Company <br />Sinclair oil Company <br />Standard 0 i 1 C omp any <br />and after thoroughly discussing all of the proposals and taking each one under consideration, <br />it me ordered that the `Standard oil Company be awarded the contract to furnish gasoline and <br />oils: for the year 1936 to the County hosed Department. <br />A letter having been received from W. V. Knott, '.state Treasurer and ex -off icio County <br />'rrea.ssurer requesting an expression of the Board as to how to handle suers bonds as has been <br />purchased under the Kanner ,yet and now held by that office. The Clerk was instructed to write <br />the state Treasurer and advise him that on account of 'the peculiar situation of this County <br />having purchased St. lueie County obligations to retire the debt between the Counties it is <br />deemed advisable to hold the bonds in tact uncancelled. <br />