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EXHIBIT 1 <br />May 1, 2015 <br />James Gray <br />Indian River County <br />Public Works - Coastal Engineering Division <br />1801 27th St, Building A <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br />CB&I Coastal Planning & Engineering, Inc. <br />2481 NW Boca Raton Blvd. <br />Boca Raton, FL 33431 <br />Tel: +1 561 391 8102 <br />Fax: +1 561 391 9116 <br /> <br />Subject: Work Order #9 <br />Indian River County Sector 3 Beach Restoration Project and Dune Repair Project <br />Post Construction Physical Monitoring Services - 2015 <br />Dear James: <br />This proposal outlines a scope of work for CB&I Coastal Planning & Engineering, Inc. (CB&I), f/k/a Coastal <br />Planning & Engineering, Inc. to provide services in support of one year of annual physical monitoring to fulfill <br />FDEP and USACE permit requirements of the Sector 3 Beach and Dune Restoration Project constructed between <br />2010 and 2012 and the Sector 3 Dune Repair Project constructed 2014/2015. This proposal also includes a third <br />party peer review of the UMAM Analysis performed by CSA, and if necessary, quantification of hardbottom <br />impacts. <br />The 2015 Physical Monitoring Services entails the following: <br />• "Year 3" annual post construction physical monitoring of the Phase 2b project area (R-20 — R-26+500), <br />• Immediate post -construction physical monitoring for the Sector 3 Dune Repair Project Area (R-24 — R- <br />55). <br />Physical Monitoring Report <br />The Indian River County Sector 3 Beach Restoration Project and Dune Repair Project were constructed under <br />permitting authority of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and United States Army <br />Corps of Engineers (USACE). These permits (FDEP permit No. 0285993 -001 -JC, FDEP permit modification No. <br />0285993 -008 -JN, USACE permit SAJ-2007-01645, and USACE permit modification SAJ-2007-01645(MOD- <br />AWP)) contain permit conditions pertaining to construction and post -construction periods. FDEP permit <br />condition 56 (d) requires an engineering report be submitted to the FDEP within 90 days following completion of <br />each post -construction survey. <br />We understand that Morgan & Eklund will perform the physical monitoring from R-30 to R-60, and be <br />responsible for certifying the survey data and submitting a survey report to the FDEP. Land & Sea Surveying <br />Concepts, Inc., via a separate contract with the Sebastian Inlet District, will perform the physical monitoring from <br />R-20 to R-30. They will certify the survey data and submit a separate survey report to the FDEP. CB&I will <br />review both data sets to ensure that it conforms to the standards required by the FDEP physical monitoring plan. <br />CB&I will notify the County of any issues with the survey data and will participate in a conference call with the <br />County, Morgan & Eklund, and Land & Sea Concepts to discuss any issues. <br />