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F, <br />as <br />SATURDAY. NOVMER 7th 1936. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, met in adjourned <br />regular session at the hour of 2:00 o'clock P. M. Saturday, November 7, 1936, at the Courts <br />House in Vero Beach, Florida. Present were .J.J.P.Hamilton, Chaiman; E. A. Helseth and <br />E. P. Poole, members, the sane constituting a quorum. also present was Miles Vtarren,Cle <br />Commissioner Poole introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption, <br />to -wit: - <br />Whereas, the County of Indian River by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian <br />River County, Floride did under date of February 17, 1936 enter into a contract with Wm* <br />Renwick or 'Pero Peach, Florida, whereby the said Wm. Hensi ck was and Is to furnish all ma- <br />teriala and all labor for the construction of a two story fireproof County Court House for <br />Indian River County, Florida at and for the total sum of $651,150,00 as provided in said con- <br />tract; that the construction of said County Court House was under amd by virtue of assistance <br />rendered through the Federal Emergency Administration of Public works, being Project and <br />docket leo, 4020 R of said Public Vons Administration and the said contract for the oonstruc.- <br />tion of said County Court House being approved by James E. Cotton, Acting State * Director P <br />Florida under date of March t?, 1936; and <br />Whereas, Wm. Hensiok, the said contractor,, has proposed the securing of a change <br />order with regard to the construction of said Court House in that that portion -of the sPeoi- <br />fioations attached to and a part of said contract beginniM immediately after the Paragraph <br />headed '*ROOF C4 I O on page 13 of said specifications and continuing to the paragraph <br />headed "ISADSFAL FI HIHC appearing on page 14 of said specifications be eliminated and that <br />there be substituted therefor in said specifications the specifications for -roof cove -ring as <br />prepared by w. H. Caras, architect, and signed and approved by him under date of November 7, <br />1936, which provides for Barrett Specification Roof Type A; and <br />Whereas, it appears that the original specifications desired to be eliminated ven <br />for an open type roof while the proposed specifications to be substituted provide for a gravel <br />type roof ani; this Hoard, upon investigation, beim of the opinion that the said graved type <br />roof will give better service in this climate and is a superior roof to the roof provided in <br />the original specifications nM, the contractor being willing to provide said roof in accord- <br />ance with said change specifications without additional cwt and the some having been ap- <br />proved by the Countyts architect, the said w, H. Gans; therefore, <br />Be It Resolved that this Board does hereby accept the proposal of said contractor <br />and, does agree to the elimination of said portion of said original specifications referring to <br />roof covering and the substitution of said specifications provided by the said w. H. Darns, <br />architect, for the roof covering of said Court House as represented by sold specifications <br />signed by him on November 7, 1936, provided that this resolution shall not be effective until <br />the granting of such substitution shell be atpprowed by. the Public works Administration of the <br />Federal. Government having charge and supervision of the carrying out of said contract and the <br />construction of said project, <br />Be it Farther Resolved thm,t the officials of the Board of County Commissiomrs of <br />Indian River County, Florida and of the County of Indian River be herewith authorized to <br />executer in the new of said Board of County Commissioners and of said County any and all <br />instruments and do any and all acts, including the affixing of the official seal of said Board <br />and of said County, in order to carry out the provisions of this resolution. <br />The motion :'Or the adoption[ of the resolution being seconded by Commissioner <br />Helseth and the sit® being put to roll call, the resolution was adopted by the following vote: <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />