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public road West of Roseland and clear a- right of way and build necessary bridges to an <br />extent not to exceed the sum of $4,000.00 whioh sum is hereby appropriated for that <br />purpose. <br />It was moved, seconded and carried that the County Engineer be and he is hereby <br />instructed to construct t kat bridges across lateral "A" near the City of Vero Beach, <br />one. to be constructed at the Cr-o4i Ill Grove, and one at a point 1/2 mile North of the <br />.5-rbo ` ('a-RoVE , and that he be and is hereby instructed to construct one bridge across <br />Lateral "B" at the property of L. S. Gollnick. <br />It was moved, seconded and carried that traffic officers in Indian River County be <br />required to gear ablue police uniform and a badge of authority of the same size,character <br />and design as worn by the Sheriff of said County. <br />There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried the Board <br />then adjourned until Tuesday October 20th 1925. <br />1 e r k . <br />000000000000000 <br />TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20th 1925 <br />Pursuant to adjournment, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida met at the Court House in Vero Beach on Tuesday October 20th 1925, with the foll•w- <br />ing members of the Board present: John H Atkin, Chairman; G. A. Braddock and J. W. <br />LaBruce. Also present was Miles Warren, Clerk. <br />The County Engineer was instructed to build connecting link connecting the road <br />leading to Felismere from the Dixie Highway south of Sebastian. It being understood the <br />Felismere Eetates corporation will pay for all work done and material furnished. It was <br />ordered the County Attorney bet instf'ucted to prepare contract between the Felismere <br />Estates Corporation and. the County relative to this work. <br />The County Assessor of Taxes for St Lucie County, Florida, having announced that he <br />had completed the tax roll for Indian River County, Florida, as provided by law in the <br />creation of said Indian River County, appeared before the Board with said roll, which <br />accepted by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County. The County Assess•r <br />of Taxes annexed his warrant for the collection of such taxes, which said warrant is in <br />the words and figures following: - <br />STATE OF FLORIDA, <br />o Gordon Olmstead, Tax Collector forthe County of Indian River. <br />You are hereby commanded to collect out of the real estate and personal property <br />and from each of the persons and coporations named in the annexed roll the taxes set do <br />in each roll opposite each name, corporation or parcel of land therein described, and <br />in case taxes so imposed are not paid at the time prescribed by law, you are to collect <br />the same by levy and sale of the goods and chattels, lands and tenements so assessed or <br />of the person or corporation so taxed and all sums collected for the State taxes you are <br />to pay to the State Treasurer at soh time as may be required by law, and at the same <br />time you are to pay to the legally qualified depository all sums collected for County <br />taxes, district school taxes, and ather special taxes, and you are further required <br />to make all collections on or before the first monday in April, and on or before the <br />r' 4 <br />