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I�1 <br />4. <br />195 <br />� <br />Homer Fletcher ............................ 63:5.00 <br />Mary Newman.... ....................... 12..00 <br />Virginia Anthony ........ .•...-....•.••.....0 12.00 <br />Postage.............................0.•0 17.95 <br />Traveling Expense ..............0004..... 119.4 <br />TOTAL E96035' <br />Total Receipts.........................................$5077.90 <br />Total Expenses ........ ..........-•-.•••.••••.•••••. 796.35 <br />.LSLt.L INCOME*** *so 00.00..0 0 *8 0000$V-81055 <br />Which report was duly sworn to before Douglas Baker, Clerk Circuit Court, on the 4th. <br />day of January 1938. <br />The County Depository filed its monthly statement, showing receipts and disbursments <br />of the various funds which having been audited were found to be correct. <br />The several bills and accounts against the County, having been audited, were examined <br />and found correct, and warrants ordered issued in settlement of same. Such bills and accounts <br />being on filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The warrants issued from the <br />respective funds being listed in the supplemental minute book as required by the rules and. <br />practice of the State Auditing Department, reference to said record and the list so recorded <br />being made a part of these minutes. <br />Therebeing no further business the Board adjourned to meet Friday,, at -9:30 A. Me, <br />r,. <br />January 7, 1938. <br />e <br />Chairman <br />ATTES <br />oei <br />Clerk. <br />Friday January . 7th. , 1938:. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County met at the Court- <br />house in Vero Beach, at 900 A. ff., Friday.January 7th., 1938 in regular adjourned meeting <br />with the following members of the Hoard present, E. P. Poole, Chairman; Frank C. Vickers; S. <br />E. Glover and Edwin A. Helseth, absents R. E. Mudge. Also present were Charles A. Kitchell, <br />Attorney to the Board, dim. Frick, Sheriff, and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />In compliance with l w the following named persons were selected from the registrat <br />books of the County to serve as Jurors for the year 1938, to wit= <br />`I.. <br />Ashburner, L. <br />35. <br />Smith, A. W. <br />68. <br />Heath, Herbert <br />2. <br />Holtzclaw, R. C. <br />36. <br />Taylor, C. E. <br />70. <br />Jones, a T. <br />3. <br />Haag, Albert. <br />37. <br />Van Arat er i, Frank <br />71. <br />Jones, T. M. <br />4. <br />Reed, Thomas R. <br />38. <br />Vickers, G. F. <br />72. <br />Jones, W. G. <br />5. <br />Anderson, Re G. <br />39. <br />Welling, Geo. <br />73, <br />Kemp, William <br />Vii. <br />Baughman, L. 0. <br />40. <br />Williamson, D. J. <br />74. <br />Kemp, Be P. <br />7. <br />Bland, Okey <br />41. <br />Warkintine, A. F. <br />75. <br />Kennedy, G� E. <br />S. <br />Brown, Be N. <br />42. <br />Allison, D. P. <br />76. <br />Kelly, M. Me <br />9. <br />Bray, Sim <br />.43. <br />Boyd, A. L. <br />77, <br />Keller, Robert <br />10. <br />Davis, Everett <br />44. <br />Barnes, J. M. <br />78. <br />Longaker, J. H. <br />11. <br />Davis, S. 0. <br />45. <br />Burrmann, Nm. C. <br />79. <br />Massey, C. C. <br />12, <br />Foster, A. <br />46. <br />Beers, S. C. <br />81. <br />Massey, J. W. <br />13. <br />Futch, E. L. <br />47, <br />Brown, T. E. <br />82. <br />Mock, C. C. <br />14. <br />Glasgow, G. T. <br />48. <br />Bellman, Richard <br />83. <br />McCloud, D. M. <br />15, <br />Hamrick, F. G. <br />49. <br />Cadenhead, T. R. <br />84. <br />O' -Steen, L. Be <br />16. <br />Hunter, F. J. <br />50. <br />Cail, Herbert <br />850 <br />Prange, He W. <br />17. <br />James, L. P. <br />51. <br />Christman, E. T. <br />86. <br />Pfarr, A. S. <br />18. <br />Kroegel, Rodney <br />52. <br />Carr, D. D. <br />87. <br />Pryor, S. J. <br />19. <br />Kimble, H. A. <br />53. <br />Dancy, E. C. <br />88. <br />Roddenberry, We M. <br />20. <br />Eawson, P. P. <br />54. <br />Duncan, J. H. <br />89. <br />Ryalls, N. Be <br />21. <br />Letchworth, A. Me <br />55. <br />Etters, T. F. <br />90. <br />Roberts, G. W. <br />22. <br />Mays, J. Be <br />56. <br />Eakin, Fred <br />91. <br />Roberts, N. E. Sr. <br />23. <br />24. <br />Xurdoch, G. K. <br />Mills, Ralph V. <br />67. <br />68. <br />Funk, C. H. <br />Gaines, S. D: <br />92. <br />93. <br />Stinson, G. A., <br />Stinson, A. L. <br />25. <br />Park, Hobson <br />69. <br />Gibbs, J. J. <br />94. <br />Stinson, I. F. <br />26. <br />Ryall, R. Be <br />60. <br />eaves. -J. --,R,. <br />95. <br />Shaw, J. D. <br />27. <br />Ryall, Be C. <br />61. <br />Glaab, H. P. <br />96. <br />Sibley, J. P. <br />28. <br />Ryall, We R. <br />62. <br />Hadaway, J. T. <br />97, <br />Stough, R. F. <br />29. <br />Roberts, R. Be <br />63. <br />Harms, J. H. <br />98. <br />Shaw, J. D. Jr. <br />30. <br />Semb ler, Chas. W. <br />64. <br />Helpling, J. L. <br />99. <br />Skinner, G. G. <br />31. <br />Smith, Archie <br />65. <br />Hamrick, J. L. <br />100. <br />Sykes, A. A. <br />32. <br />Sewell, C. D. <br />66. <br />Henshaw, Kyle <br />101. <br />Scott, Fred F. <br />33. <br />Shaw, Be E. <br />67. <br />Heath, G. H. <br />102. <br />Skinner, Be C. <br />34. <br />Shafor, L. Me <br />68. <br />Hart, C. C. <br />103. <br />Vandiveer, Charles <br />