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x198 <br />that r <br />S L � 1.i �'l 9 t*� � W e a�L > �' • 'I � T � i �� �Y � (MI�Z'1R � �•i}� r~ '! i�t 9 - �\ b f. a57f +`1. �� i R � l e <br />Section 1. That this Board has ascertained and determined and does; hereby declare <br />(a) The Board of County Commissioners thereinafter sometimes referred --,to as said <br />vBoard"), of the County of:Tadian Rives (hereinafter sometimes referred' -to as said "County'), <br />State of Florida-, as the governing authority of said County, is authorized, under and by virtue <br />of the General Refunding Aot ©f 1931# same. beingChapter 1507729 General laws cif Florida, Acts <br />of 1931, to issue bonds of said- County -for the purpose off. reAm4i any or ail outstanding bond <br />dd indebtedness of said Cotanty# Whether t)ie indebtedness to be refunded has matured or is ma- <br />ture -hereafter. <br />(b) Before the creation of said County of Indian River,, there were duly authorized a <br />and issued by Ste Lucie County, F1orid®'ttegotiable coupon bonds, time warrants, and negotiable <br />notes for t#e purpose. of raising- fandw-for the construction of, roads and bridgesin said Bt. <br />Lucie County as it then ex.sted, for the payment, of which the full faith and credit of and a <br />tax upon the entire taxable property within said St. Lucie County as it then existed are pledg-I <br />ed, said bonds, tires Warrants, and negotiable notes having been issued under and by virtue ofl <br />the Constitution and statutes of the State of Florida, in such case made and provided, in the <br />following amountsI <br />Date of.Issue <br />� 1,.1910 <br />iJ n e 1, 1914 <br />March 10 1917 <br />Ju1y1' 1918-- <br />March <br />91 =March 19 1919 <br />February 1, 1920 <br />J U l y 19 1922 <br />August 191953 <br />August 1501924 <br />October 1,1924 <br />February 20 , 1925 <br />Designation <br />I�IPiI! IIY <br />Ste Lucia -County, Florida, <br />"- , Road ' and Dock Bonds <br />"Public Road and Bridge Time Wts, <br />Iftblid Rde& Brdg• Time Warrants <br />"Pablie Rd*& Brdg, Time Warrants <br />"Public Rd. &Brdg, Time Warrants <br />"Public Highway Bonds <br />OPublic Rd.& Brdge Time *arrants <br />r "'Rd. & Brdg#Nesotiable Notes <br />' Rd. & Brdg. negotiable Rotes <br />'" & Brdg„ Negotiable Notes(b) <br />Rd.& Brdg, Negotiable Notes <br />Authorized Original. <br />,Amount of Issue <br />200,04,00" <br />28,E 000.00 � <br />25,®00900" <br />35.000.04 h <br />35#000.00-,\ <br />8509000.00" <br />50#000#00-\ <br />-50 000, 00 � <br />600 000„00,\ <br />15, 000.00° <br />,R4r000.00 <br />(a) At the time of the creation of said County of Indian River out of a portion of <br />St* Lucie County, Chapter 10,1488Geaaeral, haws of Florida, - Acts of 1925, provided for the as- <br />sumption by said Indian River County of a ratable portion of the indebtedness then owed by Bt, <br />Lucie County, in accordance 'with -the provisions of- Section 3, Article-'UITi of the ConStitUtionill <br />j of the State of Florida* -Pursuant to the sai ld Constitutional and; statutory- requirements, an a- <br />greement was entered into August 4, 1925, between the board of County Commissioners of at. Lucie <br />;;County and the Board.of County Comissioners of Indian River County, duly recorded in the Min -'i <br />i <br />!ute Books of the said respective Boards, wherein it was determined and agreed that said Indian <br />;River County Was liable for enc shouldpay to St. Lucie County its ratable portion, designated ; <br />as 43.4 per cente of the indebtedness of St. Luoie County, Which ' said indebtedness, to the ea - <br />tent herein in this resolution considered, csonsisted of the then: outstanding portions of the <br />fourth to eleventh items, both inclusive, in the schedule of bond issues appearing at the end <br />of Paragraph (b) of thSe Sectioa, and the residue of the first three items listed in said sehe-` <br />duie after allowing for -the prior assumption by Okeechobee County (which was,oreated in the <br />i <br />year 1919 out of a portion of Ste Lucie County), of its pro -rata part thereof, The said agree- <br />ment further provided that said Indian River County should levy a -tax each year on all taxable <br />property In said County in an amount sufficient to pay off and the designated pro- <br />portion its pro -rata part of said St. Lucie County indebtedness identified, together with iA,, <br />terest thereon, as the same become due, and to pay over said sume to St.-Lucle County from <br />year to year, until the final payment and discharge of all of said indebtednessr The exact a6ao <br />mounts and maturity dates of the ratable portion of St. Lucie County indebtedness so assumed, by <br />0 <br />