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11 <br />1 <br />223 <br />Notary' Public bond for Stanley V. Buss in the sum of $500.00 with the American Surety <br />Company,as surety was approved. <br />Mr. F. H. Conrad of Conrad <br />stated that on July 249 1937s he afire <br />2"X 4's to 10 X 10's dressed or rough <br />merchantableaand he further stated th <br />.heart lumber that he could not furnish <br />to charge $40.00 per thousand. It was <br />carried that the,County purchase 85% h, <br />Indian River County, and who -will <br />and best price. <br />ober Mills,. Incorporated appeared before the board and <br />to furnish certain lumber to Indian River County, namely <br />$32.00 per thousand, said lumber to be known as" heart <br />due to the fact that the County requesting 85% <br />his grade of lumber for the same price and would have <br />,owed by C. S. Michael, seconded by Franke. Vickers and <br />rt lumber from the companies who are tag payers of <br />h 85% heart lumber to Indian River County at the lowest <br />,Pion. George W. Walters filed oroners reports in the death of Alfred Thomas and Henry <br />Golden. Said reports were read to the pard and filed in the Clerks office. <br />Miss Leila M. Bunkley, County Nurse, appeared before the board and filed the followi <br />report as her activities for the month cr March, to -wit: <br />NURSES MONTHLY REPORT FOR MARCH 1938 <br />Total number of cases for the month were ----white 95 colored 64. <br />Total number of visits to the e.cases were 133. <br />Number of homes visited ---5 <br />Number of visits in behalf o <br />To cripple-childrens' Clinic <br />To Dr. Herpel, Good Samarita <br />the work were ---78. <br />Coral Gables -----2. <br />Hospital for chest Xray ---17. <br />Midwife conferences ---1 Attendance ---4. <br />V. D. Clinics ---4. Treatments ---75. <br />Small Pox Vaccinations to col red in the schools by Dr. Pease were ---209. <br />Dental inspections by Dr. D.H.Turner were ---887. <br />Classes in Home Hygiene and cEire of the sick were. ---7. <br />Dr. C. W. Pease District Health Officer completed his immunization program in the <br />white schools. We.are glad to report t at he vaccinated the children in the two remaining col-. <br />ored schools. <br />fir. D. H. Turner,.Field Direc <br />inspected all children in the white ele <br />of defects was not as high as we expect <br />dentists are kept so busy that some case <br />Three trips were made to <br />a brace and the other to return when s <br />Classes in Home Hygiene and C <br />•Winter Beach School and the Health Foru <br />r of the Dental Division of the State Board of Health, <br />tary schools. We were pleased that the percentage <br />and corrections for the month seem few but the two <br />can not get appointments. <br />in interest of two crippled children. One receiving <br />l is out for correction. <br />of the sick have been conducted regularly in the <br />conducted in the WPA Sewing room. <br />The Indian River County Tuber dosis Society is making it possible that we have Xrays, <br />school lunches and milk in some of the omen where there has been and is T. B. This month trans <br />portation and cost of Xrays for sixtee <br />were furnished. Five trips were made <br />West Palm Beach for this work as we do <br />Four V. D. Clinics have been <br />given.. <br />Four of the sig midwives in <br />on the 29th. The other two were ill. <br />bags were clean and complete. The "H <br />and was most favorably commented on. <br />contacts who showed a positive tuberculine reaction <br />Dom. F. K. Herpel at the Good Samaritan Hospital in <br />of have Xray facilties here. <br />d, at which time seventy-five treatments have -been <br />county attended the conference held at the Court House <br />1 those attending were clean and interested. Their <br />Delivery Room" was displayed at the Gifford School fair <br />