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�InV' <br />Chapter 15,891, Laws of Florida, Acts of 1933, known as the Kanner Bill, and desires to continu <br />operations under said laws except where said operations would interfere with the payment of cou- <br />pons as hareinabowe provided to be made, nevertheless this Board has determined -and does hereby <br />declare that the best interest of the designated taxing unit, and the taxpayers therein, are <br />served if sufficient funds are transferred from the so-called Kanner Bill account for the issue <br />of bonds hereinabove identified to make the payments directed to be made as hereinbefore specift <br />Cally provided, in Section 3 hereof, and the said State Board is hereby directed to make such <br />transfers when necessary, it being the desire of this Board of County Commissioners that all ad <br />valorem taxes credited to the interest and sinking fund as hereinabove set forth be first used <br />for the designated payments and only such Kanner Bill funds transferred at the time specified <br />as are necessary to make up the difference between the available interest and sinking funds and <br />the total amount required to be paid hereunder. <br />Section 5.- That, the State Board of Administration is hereby requested to approve <br />the transaction herein provided for, and to instruct its proper officers to do and perform the <br />acts hereinabove authorized, upon receipt of advices -from the Clerk of the Board of County Com- <br />missioners of this County that the refunding program identified herein is in such shape that <br />the instructions hereinabove given should be consummated. <br />Section 6. That the Clerk of this Board is hereby instructed to prepare in tabulated <br />form and certify to said State Board in due course a full description of the Refunding Bonds as <br />set forth in the resolutions above identified, setting forth the bond and coupon schedules to <br />maturity, and the Clerk shall also forward certified copy of this resolution to the said State <br />Board which shall be the authority of said Board to do and perform all acts necessary to accom- <br />plish the purposes set forth herein. <br />The County Depository filed its monthly statement, showing receipts and disburse bAte <br />of the various funds which having been audited were found to be correct. <br />The several bills and accounts against the County having been audited, were examined <br />and found correct were approved and warrants ordered issued in settlement of same, such bills <br />and accounts being on file in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit .Court. The warrants issued <br />from the respective funds being listed in the supplemental minute book as required ,by the rules <br />and practice of the State Auditing Department, reference to said record and the list so recorded <br />being made a part of these minutes. <br />Where being no further business on motion made# seconded and carried, the meeting <br />adjourned until Friday April 8, 1:30 o'clock P. M. <br />ATT EST : <br />erx. <br />rman. <br />-----------'-,,f--.._....------------------------------------------------------------------------+...._--- <br />Friday April 89 1938. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at the <br />Courthouse in Vero Beach at 1:30 o'clock P. M. Friday, April 8, 1938 in regular adjourned ses <br />sion with the following members of the board present, E. P. Poole, Chairman; Edwin A. Helseth; <br />Frank C. Vickers; C. S. Michael and S. E. Glover. Also present were William Frick, Sheriff; <br />Charles A. Mitchell, Attorney and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />The board proceded to, and did name and select the following persons as Inspectors <br />and Clerk -of election of the various precincts to hold and conduct the primary election to be <br />held Tuesday, May 3, 1938 to -wit: <br />Preciriot No. 1, Roseland <br />Thomas R. Reed; L. Ashburner and Adolph Pesat, Inspectors and R. C. Holtzclaw, Clerk. <br />