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AFFidavit of Publication <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER <br />STATE OF FLORIDA t as. <br />Personally before me, the undersigned, an officer <br />authorized under the laws of said State to administer <br />oaths, came J. J. Schumann, business manager of the <br />Vero Beach Press -Journal, a newspaper published in Vero <br />Beach, Indian River County, Florida, who, being first <br />duly sworn, says that the Vero Beach Press -Journal is a <br />newspaper which has been egntinuously published at least <br />once a week, and which has been entered as second class <br />mail matter, in Vero Beach, Indian River County, Flori- <br />da, for a period of more than one yearnext preceding the <br />first insertion of this publication; that the advertisement <br />a copy of which is hereto attached, was published in the <br />Vero Beach Press -Journal <br />for.. �11t, ... , , ... consecutive weeks, as follows, <br />to -wit: <br />.............I� <br />............................ ......... <br />Business Manager. <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me, this... . . <br />day of ........ <br />........ <br />19.... <br />Clerk Circuit Court, . . <br />Indian River County, Florida <br />NOTICE <br />NOTICE I$ HEREBY GIVEN, that the <br />County Assessor of Taxes of Indian <br />River County, Florida, will meet with the <br />Board of 6guty Commissioners of Indian <br />River County, Florida, at the Clerk's <br />Office in the Office of the Clerk of the <br />(`Circuit Court* of Indian River County, <br />'Florida, in the Indian River County <br />Court' House at Vero Beach, Florida, at <br />the hour of ,11):00 o'aloek a. m. 31eW ay, <br />July 4, 1988, being the first Monday in <br />said month, ''- for the purpose of hearing <br />complaints and receiving, testimony as to <br />the value of any prey, real or per- <br />conal, as Axed by the said County As- <br />sessor of Taxes, and for the purpose .of <br />perfecting, reviewing and equalizing the <br />assessment as fixed by the said County i <br />Assessor of Taxes on,the tax assessment <br />Foil of Indian River County for the year <br />1988 and as appears by said 'tax assess-; i <br />ment roll to be subn+itted to said Board <br />of County ;Commissioners on said hour <br />and day. <br />witness ray band as Clerk and the seal <br />of said Board at Vero Beach, Florida,. <br />this 9th day of June, 1988. <br />,DOUGLAS BAKER, <br />:Clerk of the Circuit Court <br />and. ex -officio Clerk Board of <br />!County 'Commissioners, Indian <br />River County, Florida. <br />(Seal) <br />June 10 17 94, 1988 <br />1L E D <br />JUN 2 5 1938 <br />D®UG ;513 <br />249, <br />The Tax Assessor having presented his books showing the assessed valuation of proper- <br />ty -for examination by the Board in compliance with the requirements of Section 934 of the com <br />piled laws of Florida, and the Board of County Commissioners having given notice of fifteen days <br />by publication in the Vero Beach -Press Journal, -a newspaper -published in Aero Beach, in the <br />County of Indian River, that the Board would meet on this day as a Board of Equalizers for the <br />purpose of hearing complaints and receiving testimony as to the value of any property real, <br />personal or mixed, <br />as fixed by the <br />County <br />Tax Assessor of <br />taxes for assessment for the taxes <br />for the year 1938, <br />and no citizens <br />or tax <br />payers appeared <br />with regard to assessment roll and the <br />Board gave consideration to the roll and for further consideration adjourns unt 1 9.30 o'clock <br />A. K. July 5th. , 1938. <br />ATTES s Chairman. <br />Clerk. <br />— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — - — — — — — — — — — — — <br />TUESDAY JULY 5th.. 1938. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indtn River- County met in the office of the Clerk <br />of The Circuit Court, in the County of Indian River, on this the 5th., day of July, 1938, at <br />in regular adjourned meeting <br />9t30 o'clock A. M /and tke following County Commissioners were present:. E. P. Poole, Chairman; <br />Edwin A. Helseth; Frank C. Vickers, S. E. Glover and C. S. Michael. Also present wer® fit i,.. Frick l <br />Sheriff, Charles A. Mitchell, Attorney for the Board, and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />Commissioner Helseth stated to the Board that he had sent in his resignation -hs mem- <br />ber of the Board of County Commissioners to Lion. Fred P. Cone, Governor and presented a wire <br />from the Governor accepting his'resignation as of July 5th., 1938 and said wire was ordered <br />filed with the Clerk and made a part of these minutes. <br />