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Thereupon the <br />f9l1owing bids were <br />then publioally opened <br />and read aloud, to -wit: <br />NAUX PRIG <br />-IN ALLOWANCE <br />NET AVOW" <br />Vero Beach Cadillac Co. <br />5462#60 <br />900.00 <br />4562.50 <br />East Coast Equipment Co. <br />4855.00 <br />650.00 <br />4205.00 <br />The Gallion Tron Works & <br />°. <br />w <br />Mfg. Co. <br />5068.40 <br />780.00 <br />4288.40 <br />Clewistbn,Motor Company <br />4965.00 <br />800.00 <br />4165.00 <br />After careful consideration and discussion it was moved by S. F. Glover seconded by <br />Frank C; Vickers and uhanimously carried that the Board*aooept the bid of Clewiston Motor Co. <br />on d4d.1."No. 112 CATERPILLAR DIESEL MOTOR GRADER, with 80" nide front axle and leaning"front <br />wheels and cab for the net price of $4165.00 F. 0. B. Vero Beach, Florida with said purchase <br />to be actually made and completed on October 3rd, 1939. <br />Notary Public Bond in the sum of $500.00 for Edwin A. Helseth with Columbia Casualty <br />Company,T New York, as suraty_,was" approved. <br />A petition signed by Pastors; Minsters and citizens of the community of Gifford, <br />Florida was received protesting the operation of the Bar and Beer Gardend'in South Gifford on <br />Sundays, the Board advised the interested parties that they had authority as to approving <br />permits to sell whiskey, but not on beer or wines, but would be glad to cooperate in every way <br />possible. ° <br />There being no further business on motion made] seconded and carried the Board then <br />adjourned <br />ATT • <br />P —� -- - - -- - - • P P P P P P � w — P P - P P - i — ----�.—r � i �- —PPP --- -� —� — - -�1 �— . P i P--- - P -� - — P P � r �� r P !� • P �O PP P r - i PP � — <br />TUESDAY, SEPI` BES 5th9 1939. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian Rivor-County met at the Court house in <br />Vero Beach, at 9.:00 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, September 5th, 1939 in regular meeting with the fol- <br />lowing membersofthe board present; C...S.-Miohael, Chairman;.S..F, Glover, We C. Graves,.'Tr., <br />Albert 0. Helseth and Frank,C.-Vickers..Also -present were Wm, We Fribk, Sheriff; Attorneys for <br />the Board, Mitchell, Smith and -Mitchell and Douglas Baker, -Clerk. <br />It was annouced by the Chairman that thettime.hand arrived,_namely,-9:00.o'olook A. I <br />for the opening of sealed bids i# the offioe..of-Clerk of Circuit Court of Indian River County, <br />up to 9rOO o'clock A. M., September 5th, 1939 for one new one-half ton pick-up truck as invited <br />by public notice published in Vero Beach Press-aournal, a newspaper of general circulation pub- <br />lished at Vero* Beaoh, Indian River County, Florida and sworn proof of .publioation of said public <br />notice being herewith filed.and reading as follows, to -wit: <br />1. <br />1 <br />I. <br />u <br />N fi y O p O cdp;. ^ <br />.O. �p <br />D J <br />Q <br />°-- � � adi '..y C � � G -' y <br />° ? � C P °. W <br />rMi '" m A� momm, <br />. c G m° m x e <br />b Ei w m .�, . <br />t Pcara <br />w <br />� <br />� <br />U <br />♦e� <br />- d <br />g ro d y @ +� � O <br />W <br />cd <br />d v v E <br />1. <br />1 <br />I. <br />