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ILA TUESDAY, DEORMER 5th.,, 1939. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida,met at the <br />Court House in Vero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A, M.,Tuesday, December 5th., 19399 in Regular meet <br />Ing with the following members of the Board present: C. S. Michael, Chairman; S. -Z. Glover; W. <br />Graves, Jr. and Albert.O. Helseth. Absent: Frank C. Vickers..Also present were William W. Frick, <br />Sheriff, S. .N. Smith, Jr., Acting Attorney, and Leila Gray, Deputy Clerk. <br />The following letter was the Board and ordered,.made a part of the minutes, <br />Vero Beach, Florida <br />December 2, 1939 <br />Board of Commissioners <br />Indian River County <br />Gentlemen: <br />A meeting of the.licensed practising physicians of Indian River County was held <br />December 2, 1939 for the purpose of reoommending a county nurse to the Board. Alice <br />Helseth of Oslo, Florida was the choice and I have been authorized to sent this <br />written report to you. <br />Respectfully submitted. <br />David Rose. <br />David Rose,M.D. <br />Chairman.. <br />A delegation headed by Thomas A. Ward and A. W'* Young appeared before the Board in be- <br />half of Leila M. Bunkley, County Nurse, requesting that the Board defer the matter of accepting <br />the Doctorts' recommendation until a future date. The Roard granted this request and assured <br />the delegation that no action would be taken before the first regular meeging in January, 1940. <br />_ The _Clerk was instructed by the, Board. of County. Commissioners -to. notify Frank Vit,. Jewett, of Verc <br />Beach, and J. J. Bustin, of Fellsmere_, the time of this meeting*. <br />Motion was made by W. C. Graves, Jr., seconded by Albert 0. Helseth, and carried that <br />Mrs. Clarence Fertic .be paid $9..00 per month for the 'months- of -December, 1939, January -and lreb <br />ruary, 1940, and that no grocery orders be given her.. <br />It was moved by W. C. Graves, -Jr., seconded by Albert 0. Helseth, and carried that <br />road work for Mr. Charles Harris be approved to..the.extent_of $100.00, provided the monhy be <br />,paid in advance, and when that.amount has been expended.the work thereon to cease so far as the <br />Countyt s part. <br />Motion by Albert 0. Helseth that the County permit the use of drag line and two truc <br />on Beautification Day and seconded by W. C. Graves, carried. <br />The Board instructed E. F. Carter, Road Superintendent, to patch all roads of the <br />County needing such repairs, The.Board also.authorized Road Superintendent to purchase one car <br />load of rock. <br />After discussift, B. E. Carter, Road Superintendent, was authorized and instructed to <br />purchase Motor for Oil :spreader. <br />Attorney S. N, Smith, Jr, introduced a Resolution on Special Road and Bridge #4 Fund, <br />Jr., <br />and after discussion, W. C. Gravesimade Motion which was seconded by Albert 0, Helseth, that <br />Resolution be adopted,,which Motion carried, said Resolution being in the words and figures, <br />following: <br />adoption: <br />R3S0LUTION. <br />Commissioner W..C. Graves, Jr., introduced the following resolution and moved its <br />0 <br />WHEREAS, there'Lhave heretofore been issued Refunding Bonds (hereinafter identified as <br />"said Refunding Bonds") for the purpose of refunding outstanding road and bridge bonded indebt- <br />edness of this Counter, said Refunding Honds.being described as follows: <br />Date of Issue <br />January 1, 1937 <br />Tamp& Unit aDesignation <br />SPECIAL ROAD AND BRIDGE DISTRICT NO. 4 <br />ROAD AND BRID,4 REFINDING BONDS <br />1 <br />