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395 <br />LL. TUESDAY, MAY 7th.. 1940; <br />Tie Board of County Commissioners of -Indian River County met at the Courthouse in <br />Vero Beach at 10:00 A. M., Tuesday, May 70 1940. <br />There being no quorum present the meeting was thereupon adjourned for lack of quorum <br />to Friday morning, Mai 10th., 1940 at the hour of 10:00 otclock A. M. <br />o <br />' AIRMAN <br />ATT <br />vv-���-v..---vvv-�.v vvvv �-vr+vv-®rwvvss-vvv-v-v�ry v-+vvvvsv evvv®fir-v®--®-•v®---eposvv-vvv-.rv-s..vvs-- <br />IMpAY. MAY 10th., 1940. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Courthouseih <br />Vero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. Friday,,.May 10th., 19409 in regular adjourned meeting with <br />the following members of the Board present: 0. S. Michael, Chairman; S. E. Glover; W. C. Graves <br />Tr; Frank C. Vickers and Albert 0, Helseth. Also present were Wm. W. Frick, Sheriff; Charles A. <br />Mitchell, Attorney for the Board and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />The Clerk reported a check in the sum of $79.25 from the Fellsmere Sugar Company in <br />payment of hospitalization and professional-servioes for Albert Thomas (Col.), deceased and <br />same was ordered placed in the General Revenue Fund. <br />Application for admission to the Florida State.Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Orlando, <br />Florida for Cora Lee Kinston (Col.) was approved. <br />It was ordered that Tommy Thompson be removed from the Pauperf,s list as he is now <br />receiving State Aid for the blind. <br />It was ordered that David Reid be removed from the Pauper's list as he is now deceased. <br />It was ordered that Leila Elizabeth Lewis receive the sum of $7.00 per month from <br />the Mother's Pension Fund until the further orders of the Board. <br />Mids Leila M. Bunkley, County Nurse, filed a report of her activities for the month <br />of April as follows, to -wit: <br />April 1940 <br />Number of cases for the month 121 <br />Number of visits to oases <br />130 <br />Number of visits in behalf of oases 54 <br />Number of Office Interviews <br />79 <br />Number <br />of <br />cases <br />to <br />private physicians <br />7 <br />Number <br />of <br />oases <br />to <br />E.E.N.&T. Specialist <br />1 <br />Number <br />of <br />cases <br />to <br />Dentist <br />3 <br />Number <br />of <br />oases <br />to <br />local hospital- <br />2 <br />Number <br />of <br />cases <br />to <br />T. B. Sanitorium <br />1 <br />Number <br />of <br />oases <br />to <br />W.Palm Beach for X -Ray of <br />chest 3 <br />Number of visits to Schools <br />13 <br />Number of Laboratory Specimens submitted 77 <br />Number of oases treated for hookworm 22 <br />Number of Health talks to school children 7 <br />Attendance 181 <br />RACE TRACT FUNDS -SCHOOL RESOLUTION <br />Commissioner S. E. Glover introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption <br />to -wit: <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County receives annually <br />