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TUESDAY,MARCH 2nd, 1926. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in end for Indian River County, Florida, met <br />et the Court House in. Vero Beach, on Tuesday, March 2nd, 1926, at 10:00 o f cl©a:k A. M. <br />with the following members of the Board present: Sohn H. Atkin, Chairman; S. W. laBruce <br />and 4. A. Braddock. Absents Donald Fortes and 0. 0. Helseth. <br />Also present were Files Warren, Clerk, by Deputy, and Z. W. Knight, Sheriff. <br />The minutes of the Regular meeting held February 2n4, 1926, end Special meet- <br />ing held Yebraaasiy 13th" ew:re resod and approved. <br />gr. T. B. Carleton, o -f Roseland, Florida, appeared before the Board, request.. <br />Lug road from Sebastian, connecting -up his division directly West of 3eba ration and. <br />no action was taken in the matter act this meeting. <br />It was ordered that W. S. Parsley be paid. $40.00 per month for relief. <br />The Deputy Sheriff Bond of Effie Rairot be rejected, for the reason that the <br />Sureties thereon are County Officers. <br />The Bond of Horace A. Bailey, Bond to Carry Fire Am, with F. Chas. Gifford <br />was <br />and Luis Barrie, as Sureties, was approved. The Bond/for Smith and Weston Revolver 32- <br />20 Factory Rot -.1.16665. <br />The following Road Petition was received and filed: <br />ROAD mums. <br />STATE OP FLORIDA <br />COUNTY OF IIIAR RIVER <br />TO TIS HONOMBEE BOABD OP CCS CORNISSIONERS OP SAID CO:UWY: . <br />Gentlemen: <br />We, the undersigned, citizens of the County of =DIAN RIVER, State of =MITA, <br />reapectuully represent that the necessities of the public require a County Road to be <br />laid out as fsllowe, to..wit: <br />Beginning aa+t':as point where State Road No.4 crosses the: Section Tine between <br />Sections 26 ani. 35; Twp. 32 8; R. 39 D; Thence Bast on the shim line to the Indian Rive <br />11 miles, more or less; The above described line being the tamer line <br />Said Road right -of wa y to be not less then Thirty feet in width. <br />We therefore petition your honorable body to cause to be laid out and opened <br />a County Road as above dese ribead, and we, the owners of the land through which said. Road <br />is sought to be laid out, in consideration of the awn of one dollar to us each and sever <br />•ally in hand paid by the said County of A dja --- , the receipt of which ie <br />hereby acknowledged, hereby agree to give the right -of -wady through our lends, ae shown <br />by the plat accompanying this petition, and relinquish all claims for damage by reason <br />thereof. <br />It was ordered that Eli Walker, 3. D. Edwards end D. 1. Leieher, be appointed <br />to view, mark out said road and reporrlthis Board. <br />The several. bills against the County were examined, and audited were found <br />correct and warrants issued in settlement of same. The amount so drawn ,from the respect- <br />ive funds is as follows: <br />GENETS REVENUE FUND�� <br />Fitt & FORFEITURE FM <br />ROD & BRIDE FUND <br />MOTBE.RoS PENSION FM .... <br />PUBLICITY FUND <br />SPEC R & B DIST #4 (Bond *_ <br />,00 <br />The several Depositories of the County filed their monthly statements of the <br />various funds of the County. The balance on hand in the said funds is as follows: <br />