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ga- RESOLUTION <br />TRANSFERRING FONDS FROM KA111I+TER ACT TO <br />INTEREST AND SINKING FOND OF WABASSO BRIDGE <br />DISTRICT. <br />adoption. <br />Commissioner W. C. Graves, Jr., introduced the following Resolution and moved its <br />W$EREAS, there have heretofore been issued Refunding Bonds (hereinafter identified as <br />"said Refunding Bonds") for the purpose of refunding outstanding road and bridge bonded indebt- <br />edness of this County, said Refunding Bonds being described as follows: <br />Date of Issue <br />Taxing Unit and Designation <br />January 1, 1938 Wabasso -Bridge District Refunding Bonds. <br />WHEREAS, semi-annual interest coupons will become due and payable, on said Refunding <br />Bonds as follows: <br />Taxing Unit <br />Wabasso Bridge District. <br />Coupon Maturity -Date <br />July 1, 1940 <br />WHEREAS, it is the desire of this Board to make funds available for the payment of <br />said interest coupons on said Refunding Bonds: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMMSSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY, FLORIDA, IN SESSION DULY ASSMMLED: <br />Section 1. That the State Board of Administration, Tallahassee, Florida, be, and it <br />hereby, requested, instructed, and directed to cause sufficient funds now, or hereafter, credi <br />ed to the applicable Kenner Bill Account for the taxing units identified in the pre"bles hereto <br />to be transferred from said applicable Kanner Bill Account to the applicable Interest and Sink - <br />Ing Fund Account of the said Refunding Bond issues identified in the preambles hereto so that <br />the funds in said applicable Interest_-and.Sinking Fund Account,_ making due allowance for funds <br />already therein not heretofore earmarked for specific interest payments, will be the amounts <br />set forth in the following tabulation; and after said transfer is made, said Board shall cause <br />the said funds to applied to the payment of interest coupons on said Refunding Bonds as follows: <br />Amount of Balance Coupon <br />Taxing Unit after Transfer Astur, t Date <br />Wabasso Bridge District $1540.00 July 19 1940. <br />Section 20 That the Clerk of this Board be, and he is hereby, instructed anddirected <br />(1) to furnish the State Board of Administration with a certificate in duplicate as to each <br />taxing unit setting forth the Refunding Bonds issued since the date of the last certificate of <br />similar nature executed by him; and (2) to hereafter execute similar certificates covering any <br />exchanges made subsequent to the date hereof. <br />Section 3. That, in addition to the amounts hereinabove provided to be transferred, <br />the State Board of Administration is hereby authorized to transfer from the applicable Kanner <br />Bill Account for the taxing units identified in the preambles hereof to the applicable Interest <br />and Sinking Fund Account of the said Refunding Bond issues identified in the preambles hereof, <br />either now or as funds become available from future collections, a sum of money sufficient to <br />permit funds to be placed frith the Paying Agent for the said Refunding Bond issues to replace <br />any funds heretofore sent to the Paying Agent to be applied in payment of interest on said Re- <br />funding Bond issues but which have subsequently either been recalled because of peremptory <br />writs of mandamus or impounded because of the service of alternative, writs of mandamus, said <br />remittance to be made, at the option of the Board of Administration, either at this time or at <br />such time,as any of such coupons are presented to the Paying Agent for payment; provided, how- <br />ever, that .in the event the latter option is elected by the Board of Administration, the said <br />Board is hereby requested to stake arrangements with the Paying Agent to be notified when any <br />funds are needed for this purpose. <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />