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1 <br />LJ <br />1 <br />455 <br />Such bills and accounts being on file in the office of the Clerk of the Cirouit,Court. The <br />Warrants so issued from the respective funds being listed in the supplemental minute book as <br />provided by the rules of the State Auditor, reference to such record and the list so recorded <br />being made a part of these minutes. <br />The County Depository filed its monthly statement, showing receipts and disbursements <br />of the various funds which having been audited was found to be correct, <br />There being no further business on motion duly made, seconded and carried the Board <br />then adjourned until 7:00 o'clock P..M. Friday, November 8th., 1940. <br />AT • <br />--mmmm 'mmmr mm--rm-w---------------------m..Y---m-®-- <br />FRIDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 8TH.1, 1940. <br />The Board of County.Commissioners.of Indian River County met at the Court house in <br />Vero Beaoh,'at 7:00 o'clock P. M. Friday, November 8th., 1940, in regular adjourned meeting <br />with the.following members of the Board present: C. S. Michael, Chairman, S. E. Glover, W. C. <br />Graves, Jr. Albert 0, Helseth and Frank C. Vickers. Also present were Chas. A. Mitchell, Attor- <br />ney for the Board and Leila Gray, Deputy Clerk. <br />RESOLUTION <br />The following resolution was offered by Commissioner W. C. Graves, Jr."and upon <br />motion duly made and seconded, was adopted by the unanimous vote of all members of said Board <br />present: <br />RESOLUTION DETERMINING THE RESULT OF AN ELECTION HELD IN SPECIAL TAX <br />SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 11 OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, ON NOVMMEt 5, <br />19400 ON THE QUESTION OF ISSUING BONDS OF SAID DISTRICT. <br />CERTIFICATE OF DZMMATION OF RESULT OF BOND ELECTION HELD IN <br />SPECIAL TAI SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 11 OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA. <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to resolutions duly adopted by the Board of Public Instruction of <br />Indian River County, Florida, and proceedings duly taken, an election was held in Special Tax <br />School District No. 11 of Indian River County, Florida, on November 5, 1940, on the question <br />of.issuing bonds of said District in the amount of $70,000; and <br />WHEREAS the inspectors and clerk of said election have made returns thereof to this <br />Board as provided by law, and this Board has canvassed said returns at this meeting held for <br />that purpose, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF THE COUNTY OF <br />INDIAN RIVER, FLORIDA: <br />1. That the Board of County Commissioners has determined and hereby findb and certi- <br />fies that the total number of qualified electors residing in said Special Tax School District <br />No. 11 of Indian River County, Florida, who were freeholders and legally qualified to partici- <br />pate in said election, was 1019 electors as shown by a list of all qualified electors who were <br />freeholders residing in said Dietiiot prepared and certified by the Supervisor of Registration <br />of Indian River County, Florida, having charge of the registration books for said election. <br />2. That from said canvass of the election returns duly made by the inspectors and <br />clerk of said election held on November 5, 1940, in Special Tau School District No. 11 on the <br />question of issuing bonds of said District in the amount of $70,OO99there were cast by the <br />duly qualified electors of said Special Tau School District who were freeholders, the total <br />number of 804 votes, of which number 720 votes were cast in favor of the issuance of said bonds <br />and 84 votes were cast against the issuance of said bonds, and that the majority of said votes <br />cast at said election in favor of the issuance of said bonds was 636 votes, and that the result) <br />