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Ir -34 <br />published the list of lands to be advertised and sold by the Tax Collector of Indian River <br />County and which selection is required under the provisions of Section 969 Compiled General <br />Laws of Florida; and that said newspaper be designated for the publicbtion of such other legal <br />notices as may be required to be designated by said Board of County Commissioners. tj <br />As provided by law, the Pension Department furnished this Board with a list of pensioners <br />who are now receiving Confed®rate Pensions from the State, which having been checked over by <br />the Board, was found to be correct except for the fact that Mrs. Ida R. Badger, formerly of <br />Sebastain, had moved to Jacksonville and the Pension Board was advised accordingly. The names <br />and address of the Pensioners are as follows: Mrs. Annie Ruffner, Roseland; Mrs. Etta G. <br />Tyner, Box 66, Wabasso; Mrs. Betty Smith, Route 1, Box 15, Vero Beach and Mrs. Ida R. Badger, <br />formerly Sebastian, Jacksonville, Florida <br />Miss Leila M. Bunkley, County Nurse, appeared before the Board and filed a report of her <br />activities for the month of January, 1943, as follows, to -wit: <br />COUNTY NORSE'S MONTHLY REPORT <br />January, 1943 <br />Number <br />of <br />cases for the month <br />44 <br />Number <br />of <br />visits in behalf of cases <br />69 <br />Venereal Disease Clinic, <br />Vero Beach, Fla <br />Number <br />of <br />cases under care <br />407 <br />Number <br />of <br />treatments <br />529 <br />li. <br />Number <br />of <br />Blood tests <br />188 <br />Number <br />of <br />Clinic visits <br />855 <br />Number <br />of <br />clinics held <br />8 <br />On motion made by Commissioner Glover, seconded by Commissioner Vickers, and unan- <br />imously carried, the account of B. L. Holman in the sum of 0 387.98 due the County was order- <br />ed referred to the County Attorney for collection. <br />Hon. W. R. Duncan, Tax Assessor, appeared before the Board and Stated Mr. George <br />Sears of Wabasso wanted to give the County a right of way on some land owned by him. The <br />Board referred this matter to the County Engineer, E. E. Carter, and requested that he report <br />back next meeting. <br />i' The request of Hon. W. R. Duncan, Tag Assessor, for a advance of $125.00 per month <br />in lieu of $100.00 per month on commissions for the current tag rolls, was granted. <br />Notary Public bond for Elvin F. Blanchard, in the sum of $500.00 with the St. Paul <br />i <br />j Mercury Indemnity Company, St. Paul, Minn, as surety, was approved. <br />Notary Public Bond for 0. 0. Sumner, in the sum of $500.00, with the American Surety <br />Company of New York, as surety was approved. <br />Notary Public Bond for S. N. Smith, in the sum of $500.00, with Eli.C. Walker and A. <br />a <br />M. Sall, as sureties, was approved. <br />Sheriff Frick paid to the County the sum of $365.21 representing excess fees from <br />his office for theealendar year 1942 and the same deposited in the County Off ioer's excess <br />Fee Fund. <br />The Board authorized the purchase of 1-26 drawer art metal document file section <br />for the clerk's office, the same to cost $157.21. <br />Douglas Baker, Clerk, was instructed to furnish each County Commissioner with a <br />list, giving the names and amounts received in all welfare cases in the respective district <br />of each County Commissioner. <br />With regard to rental of dwellings owned by the County, and occupied by County <br />El employees, a basis of $10.00 per month was authorized by the Board on the two dwellings lo - <br />0 <br />L <br />1 <br />41 <br />1 <br />• <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />