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r38 <br />l <br />SATURDAY* FEBRUARY 69 1943. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, met,at the <br />Courthouse in Vero Beach at 4:00 o'clock P. M., Saturday,- February 6, 19431, in regular <br />adjourned meeting with the following members of the Board present; W. C. Graves, Xr., <br />Chairman, Albert .0. Helseth, S. E. Glover, G. E. Barkoskie and Frank C. 'Dickers. Also pre- <br />sent were Charles A. Mi.tchell., Attorney to the Board, atm. W. Frict,- Sheriff and Douglas <br />Baker, Clerk. <br />General discussion was had relating to the closing of bars and jook joints through <br />out the County at 12;00 o'clock, midnight. This applying, however, to places located out- <br />side of the corporate limits of any municipality, It was stated by the County Attorney that <br />the Board had no power over regulation of this nature as the same was governed by State <br />i. <br />laws. However, it was suggested that the Navy officials be contacted in order that this <br />explanation might be made to them and with the thought that satisfactory arrangements could <br />be made. It was pointed out that any such places in corporate limits of a city or town <br />could be governed by city regulations. <br />The Board authorized payment of $300.00 to the Chamber of Commerce from the Gen- <br />eral Revenue Fund for advertisement and publicity purposes in behalf of Indian River.County. <br />The question of Inspector of Marks and Brands was again raised and the attorney <br />advised the Board that before they are required to recommend the appointment of such in- <br />spector that a petition signed by the majority of the cattle owners in the County should be <br />submitted. <br />There being no further business, on -motion made, seconded and carried the Board <br />then adjourned. <br />C <br />T. <br />e <br />w 4 w w ^► d► <br />'TUESDAYARCB 2 1943. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, met at the <br />Courthouse in Vero Beach 'at 1000 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, March 21 1943 in regular meeting <br />with the following members of the Board present= W. C. Graves, Zr., Chairman; Albert 0. <br />Helseth, S. E. Glover, G. E. Barkoskie and Frank C. Vickers. Also present were Charles <br />A. Mitchell, attorney to the Board, `gym. W. Frick, Sheriff and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />The Board authorizeda <br />p Ment, in thesum of $25,00, to the State ,Association of <br />County Commissioners. Said sum to be paid from the General Revenue Fund. <br />'i <br />A copy of resolution adopted by the Board of County Commissioners of Brevard <br />County was received from Hon. Matt Simmons, Clerk of said Board of Brevard County, and <br />ua read to the Board of this County and on motion made, seconded and carried the same was <br />�a tabled. <br />I Verdict of Conorer.'s Jury in the matter of the inquest on the body of Issas <br />Tackson was presented to the Board and ordered filed. <br />County Engineer, E. E. Carter, reported it would cost approximately 0104.00 to <br />fix and/or water proof the parapet walls of the Courthouse roof. It was moved by Commission- <br />er Barkoskie, secondod by Commissioner Glover and carried that the County Engineer contact <br />W. W. H. 'Wallen with regard to repairs to parapet and roof of Court house with power to <br />i1 <br />