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0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />11 <br />0 <br />9 <br />I. <br />r� <br />u <br />I, Mabel A. Snapp, as executrix of the las�will and testament of C. W. Petty, de- <br />oeased, �eing the owner of Tax Sale Certificate No. 19 A dated the of ''uly 19349 in <br />the sum of $25.49 covering the following described property, to -wit: <br />Begin at the. NE corner of the South half of S. W. of N. W. run West 454.5 <br />feet, Southerly parallel with Dixie Highway 205 feet, East 400•2 feet, North 303.9 feet to <br />i <br />beg., in Section 12, Township 33 South, Range.39 East, <br />j <br />hereby make application t4our honorable Body to issue a duplicate Tax Sale Certificate in <br />lieu of the original desoribed herein for the following reasons: <br />,II <br />(1) That said Tax Sale Certificate was purchased by Co W. Petty, at the regular sale <br />i <br />of 1934 for which I paid the sum of $25.49. <br />(2) That said Tax Sale Certificate, or.any interest,therein, has not been hypothecat <br />ed, sold, gesigaed, transferred or delivered by me and I have received no consideration there -1 <br />for, <br />(3) That said Tag Sale Certificate has been lust or destroyed and that I have made <br />diligent search and am unable to locate said certificate. - <br />(4) That if duplicate Certificate is issued in lieu thereof and the original should <br />at any time be looated, the same will be surrendered to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of <br />Indian River County for cancellation. a' <br />(5) That 1, Mabel A. Knapp, as a further consideration aokaowledge myself held and <br />firmly bound unto Douglas Baker, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Indian lover County, and his <br />successors in office, in the sum of $50.969 being double the amount of the face value of <br />said Tax Certificate, for payment whereof well and truly to be made., I #ind myself, heirs, <br />executors and administrators firmly by these presents should said Certificate be presented by <br />any person whomsoever, assigned or otherwise, for payment or applioation for Tax Deed thereon. 1, <br />I solemnly swear, or affirm,' that the statements contained herein in support of my <br />application for issuance of duplicate Tag Sale Certificate,.are true and correct. Bio help me <br />God. <br />witnesses _ 8tfabel AsWI 11am ��..8• j <br />Herbert _al..Crl. Bailey' Kna S <br />.w.q ..fes w:w111. - mri..w.r r..r+lrwu.r • <br />T. X Flood <br />� brr.1id..r.Rr,.,../.. <br />Sworn sand subscribed before me this 3rd day of April 1943•. <br />�Archie M.- r®tt <br />N. P. SEAL) rcNotary ubi' a. <br />16y Commission expires Mag 3, 1945. <br />The foregoing application coming on to .be heard on this date by the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County, and after due oo4sideration, the Board having thoroughly <br />investigated said matter and being fully satisfied that said claim is a valid one,, <br />It is condidered and ordered, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, that the <br />Clerk of the Circuit Court of Indian River County be and he is hereby instructed to issue a <br />duplicate Tax Sale Certificate in favor of the above-named applicant in lieu of the Certificate <br />above described which has been lost or destroyed, and that proper record of same be entered in 'I <br />the Tax Bale Record in the office of the .said Clerk, as provided in Section Sof Senate Bill, <br />No. 72, Acts of 1929. <br />Attest: <br />Clerk to Board <br />W. C. Graves L <br />- <br />Chairman, Board of Co. Commrs. <br />It was ordered the account due the County in the sum of 0387.98 by B. L. Holman, <br />�I <br />L <br />