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on hand, receipts and warrants paid with balance on hand at the close of the previous <br />month, which was found. correct. <br />There being no further business, on motion made, seconded and carried it was ordered <br />the Board adjourn until Irednesday, October 20th 1926 for the transaction of any business <br />that may come before it. <br />Clerk.. <br />,Az,(46,„ <br />Chairman <br />WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20th 1926. <br />The Boare of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court house in Vero Beach at 2 o'clock Uednesday, October 20th, 1926, pursuant <br />to adjournment of October lith 1926 with the following members of the present: <br />John H Atkin, Chairman; G.A.Braddock; J.W.LaBruce; Donald. Forbes and 0.0.Helseth. <br />The Notary Public bond of E.W.Vickers, in the sum of 4ii500.00 with the American <br />:surety Company, a corporation, of New York as surety was approved.. <br />In compliance with Section 256 of the Revised Statutes the following petition was <br />considered and the names ordered printed on the General Election ballot to -wit: - <br />For ,Commissioners Mosquito Control District <br />V/. F. Cox <br />John LeRoy Hutchison <br />Alex Maailiiam. <br />The following named persons for the respective offices designated having been pro- <br />perly and duly certified as nominees for such offices were ordered printed on the offi- <br />cial ballot, to -wit: - <br />FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR: <br />Duncan U Fletcher <br />W.R.0'Neal <br />Jno.M.Lindsay <br />FOR MEMBER OF CONGRESS: <br />W.C.Lawson <br />.J.Sear= <br />FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL. <br />3.B .Johnson <br />Fred W.Marsh <br />FOR JUSTICES OF SUPS COUR?. <br />Armstead Brown <br />Rivers Buford. (unexpired term) <br />Rivers Buford <br />William H Ellis <br />Louie W.3trum <br />Fred Cubb a rly <br />m.M. Gober <br />Harry W.Reinstine <br />E.P.Axtell <br />E.E.Calloway <br />E.B.Kurtz <br />John J.Lawless <br />FOR RAILROAD C OMMISSI ONE RS . <br />R.L.Eaton <br />Eugene S.Matthews <br />P.P.Bingklam <br />B.G.Smith <br />Hugh M.Prather <br />Edward Seifert <br />FOR STATE SENATOR 33rd DIST. <br />L." . Jen ning s <br />FOR MEMBER HOUSE OF RSPREaNTATIVES <br />Freeman L.Knight . <br />FOR COUNTY JUDGE. <br />Otis M. Cobb <br />FOR SHERIFF <br />J.W.Knight <br />r <br />FOR cram CIRCUIT COURT <br />Mi les Warren <br />