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�J <br />248 <br />Notary Public Bond for Charles D. Toole in the sum of $500.00 with American Surety <br />Company of New York as surety was approved January 29, 1946 by Douglas Bakers Clerk Circuit <br />Court as provided by law. <br />E. E. Smith, T. F.-Etters, Thomas Palmar,..J, L. Powers, N. B. Ryall and A. S. Pfarr <br />of the City of Wabasso appeared before the Board regarding the Wabasso-Fellsmere road right <br />of way now under construction. It was agreed that members of the Board would meet with these <br />interested citizens at Wabasso and view the road in order to. -determine the proper solution of <br />this problem. <br />Alice Hellesot County Nurse, appeared before the Board and made a verbal and written <br />report of her activities for the month of January, said written report being on file in the <br />Clerk's office. <br />It was ordered Dan T. Blanton receive a grocery order for $30.00 per month until the ' <br />further orders of the Board. <br />Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Carter representing Addressograph equipment appeared before the <br />Board and demonstrated said equipment. <br />Frank P. Stockton appeared before the Board and submitted a re -plat of Southern <br />Shores. Attorney Mitchell advised Mr. Stockton of the proper procedure before the re -plat <br />would be in order for approval. <br />County Deed No. 02- Chapter 22870 was issued to the City of Vero Beach. <br />Deeds numbers 169 to 179 inclusive on County lands acquired for delinquent taxes un- <br />der Chapter 194' Acts of 1941, were executed by members of the Board and attested by the <br />Clerk. <br />The Board authorized payment of $25.00 per month to supplement cost of room and board <br />in Old Age Home in St. Lucie County for Diss Mack of Fellsmere. <br />Application of Kenneth Warren Eden (Edens Store) on East side of Dixie Highway North <br />of Vero Beach for a license to sell intoxicating liquors, wines and beers was inspected and <br />after careful consideration of same on motion made seconded and carried same was approved. <br />The following persons were appointed Deputy Sheriffs by L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff and <br />Douglas Baker% Clerk' announced that said appointments had been filed with him: <br />Name Precinct Address <br />Q. H. Barker 6 Vero Beach% Florida <br />n <br />U <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />J <br />Lloyd E. Ingram 5 Vero Beachq Florida • <br />Wade Holland 2 Sebastian, Florida <br />Howard L. O'Steen 3 Wabasso, Florida <br />Deputy Sheriff's Bond for Q. H.BArker in the sum of $19000.00 with J. R. Bynum and <br />M. L. Strickland as sureties was approved. <br />Deputy Sheriff's Bond for Lloyd E. Ingram in the sum of $1,000.00 with U. S. Fidelity <br />Company of New York as surety was approved. <br />Deputy Sheriff's Bond for Made Holland in the sum of $1,000.00 with D. S. Fidelity <br />Company of New York as surety was approved. <br />Deputy Sheriff's Bond for Howard L. O'Steen in the sum of $1,000.00 with D. S. Fide- <br />lity and Guarantee Company of New York as surety was approved. <br />The Board authorized payment of $300.00 to the Chamber of"Commerce from -,the General <br />!" Revenue Fund for advertising and public purposes in behalf of Indian River County and also a <br />contribution because of post-war situations in the sum of $200.00 aggregating $500.00. <br />f <br />Douglas Baker' Clerk' was authorized to purchase one adding machine and two type- <br />writers for the Clerk's office. <br />i <br />i <br />�a 4, <br />