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TO THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, VER.O BEACH' FLORIDA: <br />The petition of Mrs. Flossie H. Stockton, Joined by Frank P. Stockton' her husband, <br />respectfully shows: <br />1. Petitioners are record title owners of Government Lot 12 in Section 18' Township <br />32 South, Range 40 East, Indian River County' Florida, subject only to a 200 foot right-of-way <br />for read owned by the State of Florida. <br />2. Petitioners are the only ones affected in connection with this application to close, <br />vacate and abandon the following streets, to wit: Ocean Dtivaq Pernwood Way, Sylvan Way, Royal <br />Tay, and Valerian Way, all designated in plat of Southern Shares as same appears in Plat. Book <br />11 Page 56 of the Indian River County Records. <br />3. Application is hereby made by petitioners to have said dedicated streets veattod! <br />closed and abandoned as a public thoroughfare. <br />4. Petitioners aver that the dedicated streets referred to above have never been used <br />or accepted; that such streets exist only on paper, as shown in Plat Book.l$ Page 56 of the <br />Public Records of Indian River County; and that there is now no need or.use for such dedicated <br />streets by petitioners. <br />5. Petitioners pursuant to Section 192.30 of the Florida Statutes have given notice <br />of their intention to -apply to this Board to vacate the Streets shown In the Plat referred to <br />above by duly advertising in two insertions of the Vero Beach Press Journal. Proof of publica- <br />tion is attached hereto and made a pert hereof, and also attached to and made a part hereof is <br />certificate of Mr. Douglas Baker' Clerk of Circuit Court of Indian River County, Florida' show- <br />ing that there are no back taxes due on the property heretofore referred to. <br />6. Petitioners show that they own the land heretofore referred to, free,and clear of <br />any liens and that they are the record title owner of said land, and that said land is not <br />within the corporate limits of any incorporated City. <br />Respectfully sug itted, this the 5th day of March, 1946, <br />COUNTY OF BREVARD ) <br />4 SS <br />STATE OF FLORIDA ) <br />o e Sto kt n <br />Prank P. Stockton <br />Personally before me, the undersigned, an officer authorized under the laws of said <br />State to administer oaths' came Mrs. Flossie H. Stockton and Frank P. Stockton, her husband' <br />who, being first duly sworn says that the facts as stated in the above Petition are true in all'.' <br />respects. <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 5th day of March, 1946. <br />S R watts <br />Notary Pu lice State of F13;13a'atLarge <br />(N. P. SEAT,) My commission expires December 89 1949 <br />CERTIFIED COPY OF RESOLUTION NO.,_, <br />Clerk's File No. 36964 <br />Dated March 5, 1946 <br />Filed March 5, 1946 <br />Recorded in Book 39 Co. Comm. page 254 <br />THE FOLLOWING RESOLUTION WAS OFFERED BY COMMISSIONER Frank Co Vickers AND SECONDED BY <br />COMMISSIONER R. w. Graves AND UPON VOTE DAY ADOPTED: <br />WHEREAS, it appears from petition of Mrs. Flossie H. Stockton, joined by her husband, <br />Prank P. Stockton, to the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, dated <br />March 5, 1946, that Mrs. Flossie H. Stockton is the owner of Government Lot 12 in Section 18, <br />Township 32 South, Range 40 East, Indian River County, Florida, in Its entirety, except for. a. <br />200 foot right-of-way easement of the State of Florida for a road; and <br />WHEREAS, said petitioners has petitioned this Board for the adoption -of a resolution <br />formally closing and abandoning the following dedicated streets located in the above described,; <br />1 <br />41 <br />1 <br />E <br />1 <br />1 <br />W <br />