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Community Hall. <br />,I <br />M <br />PRECaCTNO,_,- ,, SEBASTSM <br />G. A. Braddock, P. P. Lawson and Mrs. P. P. Lawson, Inspectors and F. G. Hamrick, Clerk, noting <br />Place: Public Hall. <br />J. H. Longaker, Alma Jones and Minnie Michael, Inspectors and R. F. Stough' Clerk. Voting <br />Place: Legion (Community) Hall, <br />PRECINCT E0. 42- WINTER BEACH <br />C. W. Fletcher, W. H. Walker, and J. W. Andrews, Inspectors and J. A. Campbell, Clerk. Voting <br />Place: Old Sinclair Filling Station. <br />RUG INCT, NO,�T, . 5A._ =0- IF40 <br />Mrs, George L. Duncan, E. A. C. Elliott and Sybyl Hearne, Inspectors and Wk. B. Sleeth' Clerk, <br />Voting Place: Community Building, <br />R C?, NCTNo 2 8 =0 BEACH <br />°Edith Price, Mrs, L. M. Newman and T. W. Hewett' Inspectors and C. E. Rodgers, Clerk, Voting <br />Place: Community Building. <br />PRECINCT NO, 6A. VERO BEACH <br />-Sarah B. Cockrell, Christine E. Goss and Earl A. Hobbs, Inspectors and J. H. Baker, Clerk. Vot- <br />ing Place: Rohrbach's Building. <br />EUCIIJCT NO„- 6B.._._MO_ BEAM <br />Annie Phillips, Elisabeth Atkin and Elmer Harris, Inspectors and J. A. Thompson, Clerk. Voting <br />Place: Rohrbach's Building. <br />PRECINCT N0, 7, OSLO <br />Gullie Larson, Mrs. J. H. Hansen and Goree Blanton, Inspectors and Elias Helseth, Clerk. Voting <br />Place: Oslo Packing Co. <br />giNCT, NO, 8,a F�Ez,, L�� <br />;Della P. Tritt, Grace G. MacEachron and Grace F. Matting Inspectors and Ida G. Dixon, Clerk. <br />Voting Place: City Hall. <br />t, The Clerk announced the sum of $40.60 had been paid in by the various candidates as fi- <br />ling fees which was ordered placed iii.the General Revenue Fund of the county. <br />The Secretary of Stats having certified the candidates qualified for National and State, <br />office to this Board, it was ordered that the following named persons be placed on the Official <br />ballot of Indian River County for the Primary Election to be held Tuesday, May 7th, 1946, for <br />`t,�AA offices designated. <br />FOR iT3L STATES S <br />Polly Rose Balfe <br />Henry ffi. Burch <br />Lex Green <br />Spessard L. Holland <br />FD - MU Ts CE92&MCOURT <br />Group No. 2 <br />Paul D. Barnes, <br />J. L.- Lee <br />W. Raleigh Petteway <br />James Henry Taylor <br />OR RAILROAD. -COMMISSIONER <br />Group No, 1 <br />Joseph B. Abram <br />F. D. Akin <br />Fred W. Brown <br />Wilbur C. King <br />George A. Lane <br />H. E. Moore <br />A. William Morrison <br />A. A. (Barney) Poston <br />I <br />L <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />