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r� <br />U <br />1 <br />1 <br />• <br />1 <br />1 <br />307-7 <br />-- <br />jlCounty and have erased therefrom the names of all such as have died or removed from the County <br />or from one District to another in the County or who are otherwise clisqualified to vote and that, <br />,a list of the names that have been erased or taken from the registration books of each District <br />`in said County, either by the Supervisor of Registration or said Board of County Commissioners <br />is hereinafter listed as follows: <br />SEBASTIAN <br />PRECINCT NO. 2 <br />,"Brown, B. N. <br />Brown, Bars. B. N. <br />'Braswell, Bula <br />WABASSO <br />PRECINCT NO. 3 <br />VERO BEACH <br />PRECINCT. NO. 5 <br />Bovard, Walter T. <br />Corsa, John T. <br />Crane, C. L. <br />Deppen, Bars. P. E. <br />Donevant, C. L. <br />Glosten, Geo. H. <br />Glosten, Mrs. Geo. H. <br />:Byrd, A. J. <br />Godwin, L. G. <br />q Crain, Ed <br />';Graves, Eleanor <br />Kollarlrs. J. B. <br />Koscieiny, Ida M. <br />Gregory H. C. <br />''Harms, Inna <br />Koscielny John P. <br />a. <br />Irene <br />Lamson, W. <br />Lightsey, M. J. <br />Lamson, Jennie A. <br />,,Micheal, A. B. Jr. <br />Stinson, Charlotte <br />Lingenfelter A. B. <br />LanAos <br />Simpson, <br />J` Stindon, J. L. <br />! <br />VERO BEECH <br />LINTER BEACH <br />PRECINCT NO. 6 <br />!! PRECINCT NO. 4 <br />Itennett, <br />Banks, A. W. <br />L. H. <br />Banks, Bars. A. W. <br />lobo, Harry E. <br />Bartlett, Emma <br />.Bower, A. L. <br />Blackington, F. L. <br />Zower, Emma <br />Everett, Bilary P. <br />''Brooks, Robert <br />Newbold, Alice <br />!'Bryon, E. M. <br />''Clark, F. 0. <br />Newbold W. S. <br />Oros2, Ateve <br />;,Clark. 0. L. <br />Perritt, Nellie <br />jColeman, B. W. <br />Poole, Hugh <br />;;Conger, Mrs. Beattie <br />Poole, Mrs. H. T. <br />!',Conger, Fuller <br />Ro*aini, Anton <br />iConger W. M. <br />,Corbett, David E. <br />Romaini, Bary J. <br />Scent, Bertram F. <br />!;Gore, Anna <br />Scent, Anna D. <br />kGribbles Ruth <br />1. <br />Strong, Willie, W. <br />;Howard, V. <br />Lawrey, C. L. <br />OSLO <br />!' Lawrey, M. <br />,Laudermilk, S. <br />PRECINCT NO. 7 <br />Wanner, Oro R. <br />Iterlington, R. E. Jr. <br />Blanton, Elbert <br />Helseth, Albert 0. Jr. <br />!Turner, D. E. <br />Helseth, Bilary K. <br />Vickers, C. H. <br />Johnson, G. A. <br />ckers, Bars. C. H. <br />bki1kerson, <br />Johnson, Clarence W. <br />C. E. <br />Sueverkruebbee, Mrs. Bertha <br />iTerrell, <br />W. B. <br />Any person whose name Shall wrongfully or erroneously erased or stricken off and Who <br />shall, within a time not less than ten days before the date of the general election to be <br />held November 5, 1946, make such fact appear to the satisfaction of said Board, shall be <br />entitled to have his or her name restored to the registration books. <br />Dated this 16th day of October A. D., 1946. <br />(Copy of Seal) BOARD OF MUNTY COMMISSIONERS, <br />October 18, 1946 <br />By W. C. Graves, Jr., <br />Chairman <br />Attest: Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />It is ordered the foregoing list of purged voters be published, as provided by law <br />in the Vero Beach Press Journal, a newspaper published in Vero Beach, Indian River County, <br />Florida. <br />Notary Public Bond for B. M, Nelson in the sum of $500.00 with St. Paul Marcury <br />• Indemnity Company of St. Paul Minnesota as surety was approved by Douglas Baker, Clerk Circuit <br />it Court October 12, 1946, as provided by law' also for Daisy G. Law. <br />Application of Fredrick C. Cooper (Del Mar Cocktail Lounge), 2056-15 Avenue, Del <br />;Mar Hotel, for a license to sell intoxicating liquors, wines and beer(Series 7-* C.O.P) was <br />iiinspected, and after carefully considering the same,on motion made, seconded and carried <br />